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"From 312 AD on, once Christianity was recognized as the official religion of the Roman State? Christians started out persecuting Pagans. They butchered and slaughtered Pagans, even Pagan children who would be found playing with statutes of Pagan gods like a doll."

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VR 360 - Bachelor Party with Marica Hase, Ember Snow and Katana

VR 360 - Bachelor Party with Marica Hase, Ember Snow and Katana

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Craig list united states adult massage
Craig list united states adult massage
Craig list united states adult massage

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Kigara 2 months ago
Good Lord. Do you read the comments before you reply? Or do you just launch into rant mode?
Meztizragore 1 month ago
Are you deciding to be an apostate?
Yozshugal 1 month ago
Who was the Christian suicide bomber?
Voodoozil 1 month ago
Does God exist?
Zulkigore 1 month ago
I prefer pairs.
Zulujas 1 month ago
"I firmly believe that engaging in homosexual acts is sinful,"
Kilmaran 1 month ago
oh, I love internet lawyers. Close cousins to the dreaded military barracks lawyer.
Takinos 3 weeks ago
We know already. But we are wiser than to believe what you believe.
Zulkimuro 2 weeks ago
Couldn't have said it better myself; I used to be an amoral atheist and it's EXACTLY what I believed.
Zulusida 1 week ago
That's what they all say.
Nirisar 4 days ago
If I were God we would not have the Tenth Commandment:
Shaktitilar 3 days ago
And then the next thing you know, all those left-handers will (*gasp!*) want to
Craig list united states adult massage

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