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Amateur radio loging programs

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"Servant of Satan? Nonsense. Satan isn't real, but Vlad the Invader sure is. He put out all manner of propaganda for one side, and against the other for the sole purpose of sowing discourse amongst his enemies."

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The week went loginy quickly as the stress was gone and the future seemed so close. My Mom and I live across the street, and Mom wanted me to bring this over. The timing was perfect as we have programss moved into a new house and I really needed Dans help (Ali's husband) finishing off a few jobs around the place.

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Amateur radio loging programs
Amateur radio loging programs
Amateur radio loging programs

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Gashicage 3 months ago
Because unemployment is not down, and the economy is not good? What color is the sky in your world?
Kagajind 3 months ago
That's where facts differ from interpretations. The "Jesus of History" is either fact or not. But scholars distinguish this from the "Christ of Faith" upon which Christianity rests. No one ever let themselves be martyred for the Jesus who was born, walked & breathed, & was crucified. But folks let themselves become lion-food for faith in who/what he was beyond his physical identity ("Christ", "God", etc).
Faulkree 3 months ago
Oh great a free spirit ?Christian? just readin the Bible and cherry-pickin and making your interpretions as you go huh? You?re like a sheep lost out in the woods all by himself. Where do you participate in the Last Supper at? Where you drink grape juice and unconsecrated bread as a symbol? Probably some man-made Protestant sect... Unless you ignore this verse all together with your cherry-pickin?. Jesus said ?This IS my body... This IS my blood?. The Eucharist and Real Presence existed before the Bible was even written. Early Christians adhered to Transubstantion for 1500 years until your Protestant sects corrupted that too. with your grape juice... ??
Dum 3 months ago
You choose not to see it hence my original comment.
Shazahn 3 months ago
LOL yep, saw that
Akijora 3 months ago
And as much as you want to ignore this other story, it's not going away either -
Gat 3 months ago
That's weird :/ I'd call them about it and talk to someone.
Kazrajind 3 months ago
One of many, many interpretations
Faerisar 2 months ago
You are free to do what you want to with your own time .I have read the Bible in its entirety about 5 or 6 times and regularly listen to sermons and lectures on these topics.
Voodoogis 2 months ago
Some glorius 6 ft tall Negress from NAACP turned you down and you haz a sad. Sometimes Love hurts.
Kek 2 months ago
You still owe me a kitten ;)
Takora 2 months ago
Awesome Faith Reasoner!
Narisar 2 months ago
It was the only part of that post you addressed after I answered the question the first time and asked what your dispute was with the source. It seemed to be the tangent you were pursuing.
Akinogul 1 month ago
Well, that's why we have catholic and Christian schools. If we want our kids to learn basic math, English, science AND religion in detail....we pay for it.
Douzuru 1 month ago
The core reason for the shortage at SS is wealth redistribution. The calculations 40 years ago assumed income would continue to increase for the middle class like it had the previous 40 years and set the contribution rates accordingly. At this point the only fair resolution would be to remove the income cap altogether.
Megore 1 month ago
It definitely wouldn't hold up in court, but she knows good and well she was shady. A lot of people get away with stuff that's technically legal but not moral. Own your (general your) actions instead of blaming them on the actions of others.
Gule 1 month ago
As long as people have their guns, because that's all that matters.
Yolkis 4 weeks ago
"Even scientists have this point of view"
Galrajas 3 weeks ago
Some conclusions are settled. I do enjoy continuing to learn deeper truths supporting or adding weight to my current position.
Melabar 2 weeks ago
Um, don't see a mention of religion/belief in God included in that study. But don't worry, here' some info for you:
Mikaran 1 week ago
This is a topic i would love to comment on now. On my way home I will comment see you soon. Prepare to text people lol
Arakus 2 days ago
So because a father doesn't give birth, he's also not a parent?

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