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Poker Show2 Group video

Poker Show2 Group video
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"Not sure I follow your comment. Yes, genome commonality between species correlates to the phylogenic classification which supports the theory of evolution. For example, looking at a specific gene and comparing its presence in other species correlates to the phylogenic distance as well. In other words the gene shows up more in species that are closer to humans that is does in species that are more distant evolutionarily. ("

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Girlfriend Fucks Cucumber in Public Supermarket

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Poker Show2 Group video
Poker Show2 Group video

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Moogugar 2 months ago
Not these short bus riders, my guy.....lmao
Vudoshakar 2 months ago
So again you talk history...300 years ago. Are you also going to talk about the slaughter of people in the name of Mohammed? That is a much more colorful history of brutality.
Kajizragore 2 months ago
You're really saying something quite different. You say we can't know, to which I agree. You say we should proceed as if our instincts are true, and I agree. But Gehenna is saying the opposite - that we should assume we don't have any "real" meaning, so we just have to make something up and try to feel like that's real. He says we make our own meaning, which means there is no actual meaning.
Tugul 2 months ago
Integrity from the keyboard of the two-bit fraud with a two-bit alibi for his refusal to identify this NASA scientist and cite any of this scientist's mainstream, peer-reviewed scientific writings anent radiometric dating Guess who could never be trusted to tell the truth. Your posts bespeak everything about you including your ignorance and the dishonesty that goes with it.
Kajigor 2 months ago
Socrates quoted something similar too. "I know that I know nothing"!
Samucage 1 month ago
YOU just proved how false YOU are to me. For if YOU were a True Cherokee? YOU would be proud to name your clan instead of giving me the dumb ass comment you just did.
Daimuro 1 month ago
"Canada has a lot to teach everyone"
Kajijin 1 month ago
Hi Proverbs 14:12, I appreciate your balanced comments on this thread. For those suspicious about income and expenses of notable Christian organizations, a look at reports from The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability will help ease their minds.
Akinohn 1 month ago
If housing prices are high, then it's expensive to buy / sell a home. So that seems like a prudent plan. I had moved to another city and my job was stable so we went for it.
Disho 1 month ago
Some women like to keep their freakiness undercover until they know you.
Yoshura 1 month ago
Meanwhile Iranian lawmakers burn our American Flag:
Mukus 3 weeks ago
lol ... AZZWIPRE!
Dutilar 2 weeks ago
Always was always will be ......
Neshura 1 week ago
Is he black to black believers?

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