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Ten thousand fists tabs

Ten thousand fists tabs
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"Also not my point, my point is historical evidence. If you accept the history of my examples why reject the Bible which is as historical as my examples."

I got a degree in history and my teaching certification, I now teach high school history. I was really ready now, and with a gasp I pulled out of her mouth and came, slapping my dick on her cheeks and lips.

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The deal was that I would go down to the hotel bar at a certain time tabss they would check me out and if they felt OK about it they would come over and meet me. Mum told me that she had jobs around the house that she wanted me to do.

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Ten thousand fists tabs
Ten thousand fists tabs
Ten thousand fists tabs

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Faugrel 3 months ago
Fair the damage is done. Perhaps they tried their best. Who knows?
Fezilkree 3 months ago
My dad kept looking at his watch because he wanted to eat dinner before he went to work
Vudosida 3 months ago
I'm just waiting on Rev and Eman to use it in their rants without any understanding of what the content actually says.
Bradal 3 months ago
Given how much Islam has copied off Christianity, I have a suspicion it won't have appeared to begin with.
Kaganris 3 months ago
Ok, so let me get this straight: If I support a woman's right to have an abortion, that means I have to volunteer to have one as well? If I say it's alright for someone to commit suicide if they want, that means that I have to volunteer to commit suicide as well? What school of logic do you follow? Certainly not one that I have ever come across. Oh wait! You follow the 'non-logic' school of logic. Now everything makes sense.
Shakataxe 3 months ago
One thing that bothers me is families that buy these enormous cars for their teens when they're all going in the same direction and could carpool.
Zurisar 2 months ago
It is no more a "human being" than an acorn is a oak tree. It does not yet have ANY of the functioning systems it takes to sustain life AS a human being. It is a "potential" human being, and that potential depends on DOZENS of factors. Until the time it achieves separateness from one specific person's body, it is still part of another human being who has rights to bodily autonomy just the same as anyone else in this country. When that is no longer the case, it is a "person" or a "human being".
Tygonos 2 months ago
??? Evolution is the naturalistic means of diversity on Earth? Why would evolutionists need to provide an alternative theory to the one they understand which actually works?? Those who are opposed to evolution are the ones that need to provide a working theory that can be supported by science but is not evolution. SMH!
Talkis 2 months ago
LOL.. omg so her tactic is shame? That would annoy me so much.
Tojalabar 2 months ago
lol those fools. they could of snoozed another 15 minutes.
Jull 2 months ago
Justin?s doing fine with his own anti Trudeau campaign. If he keeps it up he?ll be toast. He?s lost BC, possibly Ontario, and Alberta?s a lost cause. Meanwhile Quebecers are enjoying their new selfie book.
Akiktilar 2 months ago
I think another factor to consider... Given the significant weight that political correctness carries in today's environment, I think the number of people who argue "I would never have an abortion, I don't care for it, but I guess it should be legal" may be indicative of people who find themselves pressured to agree with the popular narrative or rhetoric even if it is at odds with how they actually feel inside, if for nothing more, to give the impression of being tolerant, accepting, or perhaps "in".
Shabei 1 month ago
They are this time of year.
Zologore 1 month ago
First, I don't think the golden rule is the best moral philosophy, since many people want to be treated different than I might.
Akinoramar 1 month ago
The struggle is real. Have you seen us try to dance? Need a go fund me page.
Dishakar 1 month ago
To be fair, Cons are automatically guilty until proven innocent. Also today, a PC candidate who is a TPS officer has been accused of sending threatening emails to people in the Tamil community. Naturally, after spending days telling us why various NDP candidates are great people and that the allegations against them are either false or of no consequence or relevance, Horwath (and Wynne) demands the immediate dismissal of this PC candidate. Funny how that is.
Gujora 1 month ago
Wouldn't it be funny if you were muttering in German
Moogubei 3 weeks ago
My claim was "One doesn't have to be religious to find something morally repulsive, which is basically sin."
Yotaur 3 weeks ago
Ad hominem is not a logical argument.
Dojin 2 weeks ago
Mods are posters, if I am moding I do it fairly, no matter of you are a homophobe or not.
Keramar 2 weeks ago
Here is a recent report of the controversy concerning xtian claims regarding the date of origination of P52 and other fragments of Papyri.
Kazrasida 2 weeks ago
Maybe I'm wrong: "Was your pathological outlook towards others caused by some kind of childhood trauma? Have you tried therapy?"
Doukazahn 1 week ago
That is close enough. That is not multi cultural. Keep trying. Switzerland is also highly atheistic.
Shakadal 1 week ago
Your lead question refers to how European society id fairing with Christianity in decline. I share your concern about Islam and I defended that concern. That doesn't mean that Christianity makes for a better society than atheism does. That is my position- I oppose theocracy and any form of government that is theologically influenced. I am MORE ALARMED by Islamic influence than Christian influence and believe that a society free of both is the best option.
Brataxe 6 days ago
God didn't write the bible, people did.
Ten thousand fists tabs

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