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"Just get one more, they will cancel each other out. Facts."

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Baba desi naked teen teensnaked
Baba desi naked teen teensnaked
Baba desi naked teen teensnaked

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Goltihn 4 months ago
You know I got y'all!
Sagis 4 months ago
All a factor of an evolved brain. Let me ask you...What would a world look like that did NOT have a creator?
Voodootilar 3 months ago
They tried to ask him a few times first. Even offered to pay him to leave. Crazy times we live in. He said in a tv interview that he would try to get out in the next 3 months or so.
Gat 3 months ago
Why don't you leave the failed ideologies of the 1960's brhind. Socialism and Communism'd failure is manifest, yet you still pursue
Diktilar 3 months ago
But what about snowflakes? They must be created, they are too unique and complex to be natural!!!
Malasho 3 months ago
No need. I may not have links or screenshots on the ready of the bile you've spewed, but I do remember. Don't try and call anyone on the same BS you pull.
Kiganris 3 months ago
It's right there in the Quran, the Bible too. Kill the non-believers.
Dozilkree 3 months ago
Got $150 laying around? The pickup a copy of the Encyclopedia of Theology:
Vudogrel 3 months ago
Not having volunteers in a volunteer organization, will lead to this event, and pretty much all future events, not turning out well.
Kik 2 months ago
Williams v Bruffy
Kelkis 2 months ago
Evolution fulfills a need. If there's no need there's no evolution. It's a matter of natural selection for advantageous characteristics but if the advantageous characteristics already exist there will be no change.
Kikree 2 months ago
I think evolution plays a role into a moral landscape, but I agree we don't have a "code".
Fenrijin 2 months ago
Best not to take nonsense too seriously.
Dogor 1 month ago
Stalin?s being an atheist in no way contradicts my point, and whatever internecine conflicts the ROC experienced at the time are beside the point, as there was a very clear movement to support Stalin in exchange for semi-official status. The reason Stalin turned to the church in the first place was to combat the influence of fascist Christian churches that the N4zis were establishing along the Eastern Front.
Taut 1 month ago
This is your evidence? Psychologists, cognitive scientists, and Margulis's symbiosis which is wholly and completely consistent with natural selection?
Maujora 1 month ago
There was another article on BN this morning about a large flower growing operation in Ohio being raided and 114 of the workers there were arrested for being illegal aliens.
Samujind 1 month ago
I?m having a blast on this thread. ??
Kenris 1 month ago
Spammers are back
Baba desi naked teen teensnaked

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