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Chubby aunt tube
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""cheeseburger in paradise".. its a bg standard, and a money maker for them , im sure."

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Chubby aunt tube
Chubby aunt tube

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Arashitaxe 4 months ago
I think he?s totally out of his depth, but that also means I?ll have rock-bottom expectations... those are the easiest to meet. Fair compromise.
Zulkijind 3 months ago
He'll learn but he has to be trained to use his post. There's also a corrogated cardboard mat type of thing that our cat likes a lot.
Zuzil 3 months ago
Generally a good point, Deimie. Though I don't think you're using the No True Scotsman fallacy, correctly. I gave my definition of Christian. And under my definition any Christian who is gay is at worse, a sinner. Nobody chooses to be either gay or straight, but how we act is certainly a choice. Straight people who engage in 'sinful' sexual acts are no different than gay people who do the same. Unless you are saying that nobody who is divorced and remarried is a Christian, you're walking a slippery slope.
Yozshum 3 months ago
"... like all of God?s creation,..." - Have you listened to yourself?
Taukazahn 3 months ago
Yes I mean you can always change it back
Dilkis 2 months ago
The context here for the usage of the word 'faith' in this chain goes back to TFCC who said: 'I'm a person of faith.' He was clearly talking about religious faith, as was every other commenter in the thread until you introduced a different meaning of the word to try to score a point.
Yozilkree 2 months ago
I know right?
Gojin 2 months ago
What irrelevant point do you think I've found? You think the only reason to not murder is that you might get caught.
Bajas 2 months ago
Are you serious? He lost to a team with 2 superstars and 2 all stars. This years team shouldn't have been in the Finals. He led the entire playoffs in scoring. KD has 2 rings, Lebron has 3. So if quantity is the argument, you don't have an argument. Give that man 3 all star teammates and talk to me.
Dijas 2 months ago
It's reserved for people they think will destroy evidence.
Salkis 1 month ago
Meaningless to you.
Vudoramar 1 month ago
Believing in something that you can't see, smell, touch, taste, or hear in any way, or sense in ANY way, with absolutely zero empirical, physical, scientific, or logical reason.
Kazim 1 month ago
Trump and Kim both like being dictators and have funny hairdos. They should hit it off great!
Akinokinos 1 month ago
With God we get more than one shot. The love and grace of God gives us many chances. As long as we know in our heart when we do wrong and turn to God about it. Like a child turning to their dad and talking to him about it. The relationship and love between them, the love of a father for their child. He will love and care and help and confort and forgive many times.
Tot 1 month ago
One would have to define 'sin' to define such a statement. If one even 'thinks' about something sinful, according to the bible, it 'is' a 'sin', nevertheless.
Zushakar 1 month ago
1. Darwin wrote in his book that "natural selection" and "survival of the fittest" are two equivalent formulations of the same idea. Do you disagree with Darwin?
Daill 4 weeks ago
He's being played like a punk.
Faugor 2 weeks ago
You assume way, way too much...
Araktilar 2 weeks ago
Er, no. It was HOTTER this year than it was 84 years ago.
Grozshura 1 week ago
It's 100% hand on the bible, true. I mean you have to really want to be a parent. It's so difficult.
Mikasho 2 days ago
Since nothing ever evolved, and since Adam had the greatest intelligence a human could have, it wasn't that hard for Him.

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