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Good comebacks for gay jokes Gay

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"I've watched several people die. In many cases, sadly, I was the only one there to hold their hands. Their religiosity was rarely involved in their last days. Mostly it was about nostalgia and regret."

And I promise you that we will explore many new limits tonight. There was no way I could get out of this one. The announcement came as a shock to them, and they managed to make it through dinner but were obviously in a hurry to get Debbie alone.

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Mark Iger sat alone in his hotel room combeacks literally nothing to do but twiddle his thumbs in boredom. Master Ted took a hold of my head like he would a basketball then said. Hedone took the knife before standing. SASHA SAID "I DON'T WANT YOU TO LOOK AT ME UNDERSTOOD. thambi, thoppai yenperukkuthaan saasanam seiyanumnu un ???????. After letting the hot water stream down on me and relax my muscles, I washed thoroughly.

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Good comebacks for gay jokes Gay
Good comebacks for gay jokes Gay

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Kigajora 4 months ago
Just in from the makers of Ambien:
Kazibei 4 months ago
Science already has.
Kazrakora 4 months ago
Your claim that prayer works is the one that puts the burden of proof on you.
Yogrel 3 months ago
Irrevenant, Howard Bloom wrote a book called "The God Problem," which you might find to be an interesting read. His core assertion (and one I tend to agree with) is the cosmos is fundamentally creative, and "meaning" is built into transcending levels of complexity (not unlike some of Michael Polanyi's observations, though I think Polanyi was a theist). Bloom is a self-described atheist, but very focused on the development of complexity, "intelligence" and innovation in nature.
Faemi 3 months ago
No joke. You cannot see the wind. I met God and cannot convince you of it.
Tegul 3 months ago
Fire up those ovens boys!
Vudojind 3 months ago
That chart is pretty much spot on!
Turr 3 months ago
And, I would add, desperation out of a lack of economic opportunity.
Mezticage 3 months ago
We can?t even agree what happen on the nightly news even if equipped with video recordings, expert testimony and eyewitness testimony.
Bragor 2 months ago
Good question. That would be an awful lot of extra people at receptions. LOL
Sajar 2 months ago
Where did you prove this?
Kazizshura 2 months ago
Don't think I am not the one who said Mueller would be done in two weeks ...
Malkis 2 months ago
lol, atheism has nothing to do with it. As I pointed out, most nazis were christian. Is it fair to say christians void leads them to slaughter without a thought?
Zulukree 2 months ago
My "way" is to punish someone appropriately for their crime. And this kid DID try to get away with cold blooded murder and it was only pure dumb luck it didn't happen. Aside from that, would like to see more done to PREVENT things like this from happening. But once something like this does happen, punishment should be severe. Conversely, your way of thinking is "Hey, let that poor kid back out into society so he can go shoot some other innocent victims...."
Nikobei 2 months ago
Yes... certified dack doctah. I have an opening and you should come fill it. LMAO.
Gushakar 1 month ago
I'm all for investing in franchise tattoo removal parlors.
Malatilar 1 month ago
Follow him on twitter. You'll see how afraid he is.
Jular 1 month ago
IQs in the high housenumber range in a short street.
Fauzshura 1 month ago
Erummm, yes ?
Yozshujar 1 month ago
Except she wasn't a victim. Many reports said that she pursued him.
Fenris 1 month ago
I saw him in the Blue Zone tent at the CNE a few decades ago and I was simply blown away.
Kajigrel 1 month ago
I was thinking last night...
Donos 1 month ago
Just #3. Most people believers or non believers live their lives with nuance and do not follow the bible or any holy test rigidly. Yes on forums like this they may defend one side or the other but in their actual lives it is more in the middle. I know of no one (there may be someone) that is advocating for a return to biblical times because there is a direct link to god or people were closer to the divine.
Fenrilmaran 4 weeks ago
I don't "have a problem with a link"... I have a problem with lazy folk posting links instead of thinking, especially when the links are poxy news outlets and especially when (after wasting great effort that should have been yours) I find that the links don't even support the claim being made.
Mit 3 weeks ago
Women have equal rights. In fact, they have a bit more rights than men do in our society and by our laws.
Vogor 2 weeks ago
What civil war?
Kakree 2 weeks ago
You need to help them yes. But that does not free them from the responsibility of suffering the consequences for their actions.
Gugami 6 days ago
4 billion years old, give or take a couple millennia.

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