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"As I said, schools are FAR from equal under the current system. I think they would become radically more equal, but that's just my opinion. I can't actually cite a peer-reviewed journal article to prove what hasn't actually been tried in real life."

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Amatuer sex video canine
Amatuer sex video canine
Amatuer sex video canine

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Zulule 4 months ago
without sounding to redundant, the issues are light years apart. but i don't condone schools having religious or sexual oriented conversations, either one. stick to the subject matter.
Tujora 4 months ago
So what?s your point? It?s credible research. I fact checked it myself. In fact if you go back to main page, you can find a PowerPoint on the ?Existence of the soul? which provides 6 PEER-REVIEWED studies in that presentation. It?s all legit science and mainstream science actually. It just consolidates all of the studies into easy to read and learn reviews of the actual studies. However, I encourage you to pick apart any study referenced in the slides and fact check any of them yourselves. The dude didn?t name the site CREDIBLE Catholic for nothin?. Don?t be a biggot against Catholics...
Gokree 4 months ago
What logical fallacy does it rely on?
Kigalrajas 3 months ago
doubt she knew what?
Aragal 3 months ago
Dont read the book. Problem solved.
Maushicage 3 months ago
Gazragore 3 months ago
That answer makes you look obtuse. I know that you are aware that you are deliberately jumbling up revjimbob's words because you enjoy doing that, but others might take you for an idiot.
Zum 2 months ago
That?s the true crux of the problem. This "reporting" shit. Just talk to each other people! Now he?s supposed to write a formal apology which is just pointless.
Faeshura 2 months ago
I'm just being flippant, as usual. I'm not a fan of rewritten history, whether it comes from the religious or the nonreligious. The things we believe about history, progress, and knowledge are so sodden with myth that I laugh whenever someone makes pronouncements about "the facts" or "reality."
Taramar 2 months ago
They're all different. That's what makes them the same.
Aracage 2 months ago
They are not oppressed here, is my point. They are certainly oppressed in other countries. If you do believe that they are oppressed in places like Australia then please feel free to point out to me exactly how they are oppressed.
Vudogal 2 months ago
You would have to choose whether or not you exist. In short, would you abort yourself?
Vonos 2 months ago
Good and indifferent. My wife and I have good heart, blood pressure and lungs. Fortunately we have still got most of our marbles. Some relatives have had dementia and it is not pretty. We both have some mobility problems and have recently moved into an apartment which is a new adventure. Grandchildren and great grandchildren are our pleasures. All in all itm is better than the alternative!
Vudorg 2 months ago
I've heard that one somewhere.
Nejas 1 month ago
Really? So all against homosexuals are religious? All against other races are religious? I can guarantee you that isn't the case. About 95% of my friends are not religious but have very strong opinions on homosexuals and races. The blue laws are those ignorant women suffrage movement that caused prohibition as well. Not religion. I can't find any anti-atheist laws. Prayer could never be forced on anyone.
Zunris 1 month ago
He likes it!

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