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Is premarital sex a sin

Is premarital sex a sin
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"A sanetized version of Church history comes up a lot. They don't discuss polygamy much, because it isn't practiced anymore."

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Is premarital sex a sin

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Mushicage 4 months ago
"Tradition" is a song in
Tygogrel 3 months ago
Haha, no I haven't.
Juktilar 3 months ago
Incorrect. An opinion can still be an opinion, even if it is based on facts.
Telar 3 months ago
I will and MILLIONS of Americans already do, Except for Redstate Jerkwater Hillbillies Of Course
Muhn 3 months ago
Hahaha really!? Republicans? Claiming about voter suppression?! Lol there needs to be a stronger word for hypocrisy. Anyways enough shtick, the real reason this is on breitbart is to discourage democrats from voting because of voter tampering "something dnc needs to realize is something they need to address" still the equivalent of republicans pimping out their own family to gain votes. These people have no scruples!
Mikazilkree 3 months ago
Don't put my fingerprints on this. I am critical of the PC position. That doesn't mean I automatically support everything the government does.
Godal 2 months ago
The domestic market, not world.
Dujar 2 months ago
?My mother would have whipped me for five days in a row when I was a little boy if I spent all my time badmouthing people like this.?
Voodoocage 2 months ago
Once we grok it the supernatural becomes the natural or is proven misinformation
Brazilkree 2 months ago
So you're saying I can trust his platform? So you're going to recommend the candidate who is explicitly exploding spending and reducing revenue? You're saying we shouldn't be concerned about the debt and the deficit?
Vodal 2 months ago
My God men!
Meztik 2 months ago
Super fun thread! And very good situation to prompt thought!
Vum 2 months ago
omg this woman. "I did four start-ups and home-school all my children. There's no excuse for being a lazy public school parent."
Kazijas 2 months ago
Yozshukasa 2 months ago
I have as many favourite sins as favourite cryptids...
Dailkis 1 month ago
Or. No duration = all existance compressed into one point.
Guzuru 1 month ago
its the same as people who have different blood groups. There are far more with group A than the other groups. Doesn't mean we weren't intended to have other groups. As for our sex, its pretty easy to see what sex we should be and who we are supposed to have sex with.
Is premarital sex a sin

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