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Wet Hot Pics
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"Please don't "both sides" our present situation. The causes and responsibility for our civic problems are not remotely equally distributed between the left and the right. Trumpism in particular is a right-wing disease; there is not any remotely comparable progressive equivalent."

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Before the day was done, they had ridden the London Eye, crossed London Bridge, and eaten their first meal of fish 'n chips at an authentic British pub.

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Wet Hot Pics

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Voodoole 4 months ago
They're not human. Didn't you hear the president? They have been declared animals by our president.
Goltikinos 4 months ago
Praise Satan? That's what these things lead to....
Vor 4 months ago
The light of the Andromeda Galaxy has allways been in our night sky, without a telescope it just looked like another star. Its light interacts with the human eye but the thing you create in your head does not interact at all.
Kazit 4 months ago
I am a teacher of vedanta which is the source of Hinduism. I never heard of vedism.
Yodal 3 months ago
"The volcanoe eruption in Hawaii example of God's p power."
Shar 3 months ago
All the really big discoveries happened when western science came about...with God nonetheless.
Gozshura 3 months ago
Liberal believers don?t necessarily believe that they are ?correct?. But believe that they follow one option among many.
Zulkill 3 months ago
Never heard of it. When is it so I can ignore it too?
Grogore 3 months ago
I have an income and that's all I'm going to say about that.
Molabar 3 months ago
Where in the story do you get "she" vs. "he"?
Kagar 3 months ago
I'd rather it be a warming than a cooling
Zulkigrel 2 months ago
Again, I don't see the relevance. What percentage of the pro abortion crowd is religious? 46% of self-identified Catholics are pro-choice. Does that make the pro-choice stance a religious one?
Daihn 2 months ago
Again, eternal punishment for any finite crime is not justice. It is tyranny.
Brashakar 2 months ago
which are not qualities we deem acceptable in our society. There is a good reason we made those laws.
Sajar 2 months ago
so, you cite a few superstitious cultures that had things wrong and conclude every human would willfully kill babies?
Sall 1 month ago
What, are you saying that the degrees in Cracker Jack boxes aren't good? Oh crap, don't tell my employer! :)
Brasho 1 month ago
Hmm, woke up at 230 and now 530. Cat nap might be necessary before heading to work. ??
Bralrajas 1 month ago
No, not really.
Arar 1 month ago
Then why comment? That leaves you with no foundation for an opinion.
Yozshujora 1 month ago
"I am not the one leaving her,"
Kazragrel 1 month ago
My pleasure. Lol

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