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Vibrating anal probe

Vibrating anal probe
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"Is weed legal there?"

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Vibrating anal probe
Vibrating anal probe
Vibrating anal probe

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Doukasa 2 months ago
Not protests. They have their march - never a ?protest? - maybe
Gagore 2 months ago
Eternal penalty is not infinite penalty. Steady-state, for instance.
Shaktikinos 1 month ago
I know you see what you want to see.
Kaziktilar 1 month ago
I think thats a part of what sets Christians apart, not only does "get a job" invoke some personal responsibility (which many, many atheists support as they should), but it appears they also feel some responsibility to help the community around them.
Tolrajas 1 month ago
Lmao there?s another recent one from Memphis. Where this real estate investor was taking pics of the house he?d purchased to renovate and the neighbor called the police. Then the officer cussed her out lmao and told dude if she bothers him again to call him and her ass shall be arrested. Ooh she was tight. Got that high pitched: ?Why would I bother him!?
Douzahn 1 month ago
I would argue lions are amoral in general.
Zulujin 1 month ago
Supposedly Mike Pence supported "gay conversion" therapy, including the use of electroshock therapy
Yozshuran 4 weeks ago
Waaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! Louisiana made a huge cut to higher ed. No raise coming for me or anyone else in higher ed in LA anytime soon. Guess I missed out on that opportunity at the library for nothing.
Meztiran 3 weeks ago
What part of death are you struggling with?
Moogurn 3 weeks ago
perk* good morning Tex!
Kazishicage 3 weeks ago
We are entitled to check our credit reports one time, with no penalty from the three credit reporting agencies in the US within a twelve month period.
Tajind 3 weeks ago
Mazuk 2 weeks ago
Lol. String theory? Its probably tiny vibrating what? C'mon lets hear it...
Donris 2 weeks ago
waffles are better
Meztiktilar 1 week ago
"That's difficult to do if you don't have a revenue collection agency keeping track of people's income."
Dagal 2 days ago
He can refuse to customize the car if the requested customization will be used for something he morally opposes.
Vibrating anal probe

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