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Nervious peeing in huskeys

Nervious peeing in huskeys
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"Well I wouldn?t necessarily use moron to describe an atheist but...."

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Brunette masturbates in sports store and restaurant

Brunette masturbates in sports store and restaurant

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Nervious peeing in huskeys
Nervious peeing in huskeys

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Samura 4 months ago
The god of the bible is not good.
Fenrizilkree 4 months ago
New improved Iran deal and Trumpcare coming any day now, right?
Vudoshura 3 months ago
Convicted murderer or Christian? You can be both, but repentance is necessary, along with leaving murderous attitudes behind as you are born again.
Sajin 3 months ago
It appears to me the only people bringing up Trump are Trump people.
Bragore 3 months ago
But God's creation of the formless and void earth and sea were things. They weren't simply plans in the divine mind. Those plans came first, then the first creative act - of creating the essences of what was to come later - was followed by making the essences functional as we now know them.
Faejind 3 months ago
That's going to be my new dating strategy.
Vomuro 3 months ago
Lol. Im sorry you?re an unemployed troll and you live with your parents. Your father either pistol whipped you one too many times during your childhood or not enough to motivate you to become more than a pathetic internet troll. This is typical with your Trump supporter demographic, hence the reasoning you hillbillies were holding up signs begging for Trump to place jobs at your feet at various rallies around the country. Let?s be realistic, who would hire a low intellect voter like you in the first place, all you trumptards look heavily medicated and always have that dumbfounded look on your face. ;)
Fenrirr 3 months ago
Only the best and brightest.
Gugor 3 months ago
Dare I ask where? I actually enjoy reading that stuff, it gives me a little chuckle deep down inside seeing how intolerant, unfunny and unhinged the ideological left has become.
Daizahn 2 months ago
God. God could be. A transcendent law-giver could be. Anything else ends up with, "Who sez?" and only might can make right.
Zuludal 2 months ago
I would gladly be faulted by the world in giving children a Bible, and to teach them from it fairly.
Kigasho 2 months ago
1) You must be too young to know about the IRA.
Grokazahn 2 months ago
You don't have a shred of a case, do you!
Mazurg 1 month ago
You look it up, Christianity is your religion, no?

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