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Cary facial rejuvenation

Cary facial rejuvenation
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"You're literally calling half the country "shit" without any evidence whatsoever."

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Cary facial rejuvenation
Cary facial rejuvenation
Cary facial rejuvenation

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Faurg 2 months ago
Fine, I'll practice. You're so demanding.
Tojara 2 months ago
Just stop. Really.
Zugar 2 months ago
Tattle...she was letting him know exactly how he should feel. Embarrassed. If his grandmother had proven to be normal.
Kagamuro 1 month ago
You got some of your mother on your upper lip.
Mauk 1 month ago
Why don?t they just pray for guidance?
Maushura 1 month ago
Yeah. I love him as Sirius Black too. *swoon*
Vuzshura 1 month ago
I see you adding comments with your own brand of absurdity. I was never taught in school that "science has refuted religion". I wasn't taught about evolution myself, but I didn't take biology in high school.
Mujar 1 month ago
Nah, most people around me do not believe in god, as I don't.
Kazrar 1 month ago
Ho Ho Ho
Nikodal 3 weeks ago
Have to give the Devil cudos for trying. He tried to tempt
Dosar 3 weeks ago
You are right about morality and God. What does one have to do with the other.
Sasida 1 week ago
But you used a picture of a socialist... You like socialism right?
Kebei 1 week ago
I can't sleep with the TV on or if the lights are on. Only when all of them are off, can I hibernate.
Shale 1 week ago
the whole point of faith it is it isn't a reflection of truth. It is NOT a virtue the way believers have been indoctrinated to believe. It literally sets us back
Mogal 5 days ago
Jesus was very clear that one should not wash their hands before eating, as was Jewish custom.
Cary facial rejuvenation

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