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"I disagree. The universe began, most likely, in an extremely dense state where matter couldn't exist. A rock is matter, so it is unlikely that the "rock," as a rock, "self-created." However, the universe itself is less understood."

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Deep oral sex movies

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Voodoolkree 3 months ago
what I mean is
Shakazil 3 months ago
Comment was mostly a hyberbole/hyperbola joke relying on the fact that "hyperbolic" is the adjective for both. And now you say you don't know what a hyperbola is and apparently are too incurious to look it up yourself. Pity. You'd do well, I think, to read about the history of zero. It took a long while for zero the number (as opposed to zero the placeholder) to come about and there were philosophical objections to its creation. How can nothing be something? But if you're unwilling to look up a conic (or, heck, the whole set), I haven't high hopes. Alas. If you knew more math, you might give up this zero business, focus on "God of the gaps" with step functions. Watch for the floor/ceiling function scism, but don't worry, both sides can unite against an integralist who claims there's no difference. (Differentialist walks right by -- there's nothing to see.) :-)
Digis 3 months ago
The cold reality of health care costs is they have continually been rising faster than our income levels and will continue to do so.
Goltikazahn 3 months ago
if you think "they multiply according to their kind" is the BEST available answer, you are not intelligent enough to research evolution
Meshura 3 months ago
I think you'll be forgiven! Anyone acting like that is trouble, and if your boss lets you be abused by even a colleague, he looks bad. He knows you, right? He'll just sigh and drink his lunch. : )
Mazulrajas 3 months ago
You have no obligation to help anyone. Nor are you an objectively 'better' person because you might choose to do so.
Shaktit 2 months ago
To make an honest point you must not use fallacies. Most people just use fallacies and say "That's not a fallacy". It's incredibly boring.
Fenrirr 2 months ago
Well if 100% agree that must make it true. I missed the Nobel prize award to the scientist or team of scientist that developed a method to test the supernatural. You wouldn't happen to have the article or scientific journal where their findings are published do you?
Grojar 2 months ago
Ah okay. Then I may have been presumptuous and misunderstood you.
Fesar 2 months ago
Not likely. Ontario has now sated itself on anti-Liberal sentiment. Anyone familiar with Ontario politics and the tendency for the swing votes in the electorate to vote opposite federally than they do provincially can attest to that.
Faulabar 2 months ago
I worry about large dogs around my older dachshund. They could hurt him without even meaning to.
Mikakus 1 month ago
Trump has proven his critics correct.
Nikomuro 1 month ago
NYC. The best city in the world.
Meztigul 1 month ago
I have not seen this summation before so thank you for repeating yourself.It is well done. When I came across M. B. Eddy I was astonished and encouraged by the depth of her thought.
Kagall 1 month ago
From a historical perspective, I don't think we could conclude that Jesus had miraculous abilities. I put more importance on what we can conclude through historical methods than personal opinions that couldn't be demonstrated one way or the other through on historical grounds.
Vijin 1 month ago
Should I name who was the shadow negotiator?.
Arashiramar 1 month ago
Another example of the double standard in the MSM.
Shakakinos 1 month ago
Two of CCRC I understand spoke judgementally about the Baker's faith.
Maut 4 weeks ago
Exactly. The Jewish leadership was threatened by the numbers
Gromi 3 weeks ago
Actually, once that action is taken, they've got you where they want you.
Deep oral sex movies

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