Top 5 Free Online Games

Whether you are looking for new online games to play, or want to check out some of the best free online games for girls, you will find hundreds of them online. Whether you like strategy games, arcade games, card games, word games or any other game, you will find it on the internet. Some of the popular free online games include:

Q Branch: A fast paced, action packed game for girls where you control a girl and perform stunts and mini-games to complete different levels. There are different types of levels which you can select from and different themes too. The game is totally free and can be played online. There are many popular games available such as: Brunchtown: Brunchtown is a 3D miniclip where you control Brunch, a pizza delivery boy, and take him through a number of obstacles to achieve their ultimate goal – toppling every block in Brunch town. This one of the most addictive free online games that can be played from home.

Monumental: Monumental is yet another addictive free online bandarqq games for girls. In this game, girls have to explore different environments using the mouse. They can view various ads and buy different things to progress. The ads are so catchy that they keep popping-up before you have even clicked on something. This one of the most addicting because you really cannot stop clicking on the ads. You will be glad to know that there is a big selection of different advertisements.

Solitaire Cash: In Solitaire Cash, girls need to earn coins by serving guests in the miniclip. When serving guests, girls must serve them with bread and juice. To serve more guests, you must rotate certain cards. To increase the level of players in the miniclip, you may increase the number of guests you can serve at a time. This one of the most addicting free online games that can easily keep track of how much money you have spent. Plus, it comes with a big selection of games such as Bingo, Connect, Jack and Jank.

Kongregate: One of the most popular free online games, Kongregate features games that are grouped into four levels. You can play games in which you shoot enemies, drive racing cars, or build towers and defend them with cannons. This one of the most exciting Kongregate features ads that pop up before you can do your tasks. There are also a few multiplayer options.

Armor Games: Armor Games has an interesting feature wherein the player’s fortress will be attacked by a variety of enemies. You are able to purchase different weapons and armors to help you in your battle against these attacks. The advertisements that play within the game can get annoying at times but this one of the most addictive free online games where you can see the ads before you do things. Also, there is an option for Google AdSense.

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