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Asian restaurant oklahoma city

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"True, but if your religion is founded on the idea that a real Jesus existed and always existed and still exists and that you must believe and accept him in order not to go to Hell for eternity, it's kind of important to establish that there really was a Jesus who really had/has this kind of authority, right?"

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Asian restaurant oklahoma city

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Tubei 4 months ago
Actually many of them do.
Malakree 4 months ago
I think there are some correct historical facts in it, yes. It's the religious claims that cannot be supported
Shakanos 4 months ago
Yep. And the Moon is a giant cheese
Moogugore 4 months ago
It is best to deal with first principles and concepts.
Zull 3 months ago
My evidence says they are Holy men which wrote the Word of God for us! :) LOL!!!
Dajar 3 months ago
Engineering is not like other sciences.
Galrajas 3 months ago
Sounds like the husband got tired of hearing about it day in an day and told her if she didn't do something about it, he would. Even then, it's still no excuse for not being a grown up. If some dude's wife called me for him, I'd probably tell her to get him and put him on the phone or the discussion is over.
Kezragore 3 months ago
I was so worried.
Voodooshicage 3 months ago
Your definition of 'Spiritual' agrees with my understanding of the term. I have not come across the OP's definition of it before, which sounds like 'super religious'.
Mazusida 3 months ago
That's another downfall a child falls into state custody, they get to make the rules, no matter how stupid they are.
Terisar 2 months ago
I'll have to think about that. I believe that it's possible that a supernatural being exists that can only be experienced subjectively but there is no way to prove that such a subjective experience has an objective reality.
Tenos 2 months ago
Depends on where you get it. One grocer in my town has meat that goes bad before you can even get it home, the inside was green. This happened more then once so I started to check out their operation. After close observation I noticed they over load the coolers and shelves, the meat cannot stay cold enough when they're stuffing them in too deep. I never bought fresh meats from them again.
Vizahn 2 months ago
Different subject entirely.
Meztishura 2 months ago
being gay is not a sin, but living the lifestyle is. But you're still loved, even though we are all sinners. Turn to Christ, he simply wants you to get to know him.
Mezil 2 months ago
I was hoping you'd get the message from me thrusting it at you constantly!
Nejind 1 month ago
aaand this one:
Arakree 1 month ago
It's an odd friendship, to look for an underhanded way to make money. :/
Vigor 1 month ago
Called "A Class Act"
Yozshuzahn 1 month ago
?An attempt to deter migrant parents from coming to the USA?
Gardagis 1 month ago
Family Guy had a parody of How I Met Your Mother where Barney's character asks Ted if he thinks it is weird that a single guy in his late 20's is constantly thinking about marriage instead of getting laid.
Asian restaurant oklahoma city

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