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Banging up the ass

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"Not if the parents produced a certificate from the Rabbi or Imam stating that the foreskin had to be removed for medical reasons. A gold-embossed certificate would be 10 Euros extra."

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Banging up the ass
Banging up the ass

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Meziktilar 4 months ago
I would think libel and slander cases would abound.
Magore 3 months ago
What were days, before god created days?
Gardabar 3 months ago
If you consider this a game, you lost long ago when you tried to cheat.
Mikarn 3 months ago
I have looked at coinage once or twice. I like the idea of stackable coins
Kigak 3 months ago
Are you calling cum gurgler and Abdul-Vlad99, stupid? They'll be nasty to you the next time you are in the Soros staff canteen!
Kagarr 3 months ago
Can't. Stop. Giggling.
Kigalar 3 months ago
Yes, but your view only applies to YOU. Others have causes to believe that you may not recognize. Also it is NOT incumbent upon others to provide you with evidence or answers. IF YOU want the evidence or answers, it is your duty to find them for yourself. If you do not want them, then that also is your choice, whether it be good or bad. No one can force you either one way or the other. Nor can you force us to abandon the truth and reality.
Malashura 2 months ago
No he did not
Shaktirr 2 months ago
No I think I responded to your idea of us all making the world good by our selves. As sinners that's impossible.
Kazranos 2 months ago
Only the greatest sermon of all time - thats why!!
Mut 2 months ago
Like the Force?
Gardar 2 months ago
OK, but you have to take into consideration that the Dutch incarceration rate is vanishingly small compared to the US'. That has to be taken in its proper context. In fact, I believe yours has been going down in recent years.
Zuluzil 2 months ago
{Do you honestly think that will still hold true if you cut off all welfare benefits? You do know the story "A Christmas Carol", right?}
Tejinn 1 month ago
LOL. I have. I have a universal rule that stands for everyone including mods. I will accept disagreeing opinions and I understand arguments occasionally happen. But if I encounter any harassment, the person gets three warnings after that they are blocked. I don't tell them about the warnings or that I blocked them.
Samushicage 1 month ago
When you post stuff complaining about Muslims entering a non Muslim community and taking over, you're being a bigot.
Sanos 1 month ago
Ok, well that explains it. Thanks, For a minute, I was thinking maybe I might need to get really high or drunk so I could relate. Not too up on Ebonics or street talk these days (not ever actually).
Tam 1 month ago
Throughout the world are the cemeteries of those who actually did sacrifice their lives for the sins of others.
Meramar 3 weeks ago
Ok so you are on to something but when did the first creative act occur? In this text or after?
Gole 2 weeks ago
Yet they wish to give birth.
Faukree 1 week ago
Fried with banana slices...Mmmmmmm
Febar 1 week ago
I never made such claim, nor does that have anything to do with my post.

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