I thought it was about time I started to record my running, and seeing as it’s going to be a big year this seems like the right time… hope you enjoy it, I’m looking forward to writing it, though just a warning if you’re not very interested in running (or baking) you probably won’t be back…

The first weekend of 2012 saw me running 75 miles around London on the ‘Capital Ring’ route with my friend James Edgar – and lots of other friends on the way – here‘s his very good blog of it. I’ve managed to upload the data from my Garmin (this itself was a massive triumph taking more effort than the actual run…) so that’s available here (thanks James!). The battery died about 4 miles to go, well under the 18 hr capacity possibly because I’d faffed around so much with it getting the map to show.

I struggled on the run more than I thought I would but on reflection, and remembering I’d not run over 20 miles for a good two months…, I was pleased to get round.My legs recovered well – I was able to do the club run the following weds – but my feet are still sore.

This week I had confirmation that I could take 3 months off work in the summer to run across America. My boss was a bit baffled but then compared it to her taking maternity leave and commented that ‘she thought that having a baby was equally as mad; and at least it’s only 3 months off’. And I agree. I don’t think HR understand, it didn’t seem to fit with their forms, but they seemed happy with one less member of staff to try and place in a local office (which for me is a JobCentre) when the London transport system crumbles over the Olympics. They are into full business continuity mode so I’m making it easy for them by buggering off for the summer!

So the planning now begins – and I’ve been able to spend today putting this blog together rather than running thanks to horrid blisters from the long run last week (classic mistake of new shoes – though at least I know where they rub now! Which is good as I’d like to wear those trainers, an American brand called Hoka One One, in the summer). So I’ll try and update weekly until the summer – then my plan is to blog after each daily run. Right I’ve got flights and hotels to book. Getting Excited!! [twinned with incredible panic at the scale of the challenge but hey ho, nothing ventured and all that…]

2 responses to “Blog

  1. Welcome! I love the idea of running cross-country. Good luck. 🙂

  2. Wow!
    I am as always in awe of your running.
    Thanks for the blog reference…
    Looking forward to hearing how the training pans out and what gets baked along the way!

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