Three things: TP100, sponsorship and following me

I’m a great believer in the ‘rule of three’; also I’m the first of three kids so ‘omne trium perfectum’ (everything that comes in threes is perfect) always made sense.

1. This weekend it’s the Thames Path 1oo – there’s a great field, with lots of friends and familiar names from other events, and I’m looking forward to running to Oxford; though not sure I’m that crazy about the very flat profile! If you want to  follow the race the link is here.

2. I’ve decided which cause I’d like to support for anyone who wants to sponsor me. I actually decided a while ago but it’s a tricky one as I think charity is a pretty personal thing and the cause(s) I might believe in are not necessarily those others would choose. But as a wise friend said recently ‘you’re running all that way you might as well get some funding for a cause you believe in’. So I’ve chosen Reprieve the organisation that looks out for the Human Rights of Prisoners, they investigate, litigate and educate, working on the frontline, providing legal support to prisoners unable to pay for it themselves. Running across a country with the Death Penalty it seems fitting. (Even writing that I still feel baffled, and quite sickened, that the Death Penalty exists in the USA.) So here’s my just giving site (photos to be added):

You might not want to support this cause, and that’s fine, if you want to donate to any charity or cause you feel strongly about that would be great!

3. Following me: I’ll update my blog over the summer everyday (new netbook about to be ordered!) and once a week beforehand. I’ll post to my facebook and twitter when I do so you can befriend me or follow my tweets or click on the link right at the bottom of this page to follow me by email. If anyone speaks to my mother before I do can you tell her please? (This might stop the ‘what are you doing now?’ facebook wall posts…. or maybe not!)

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