Sleeping in Seattle

Sleeping in Seattle

I will briefly tell you of my ‘Fiasco in Frankfurt’ whereby I had to call my parents to get online and book me a flight back to London so I could show the woman at the gate I wasn’t entering the US as an illegal immigrant and was actually intending to return (I had thought about this ages ago when booking my one-way ticket and doing the online ESTA visa but hadn’t thought about it again. As it happens they booked me a pretty good flight, not too expensive – it was on my card; I just have to get to the East coast now. Of course in a world of smartphones this seems easy and I would have done this on my iPhone (I even have the Kayak app) if it weren’t for no Wi-Fi/3G/any signal at the gate and only 15 mins before my flight was leaving. Let’s hope that’s the last major panic of this trip. Thanks Mum and Dad for saving the day – plus the reminder that Mum is always better in stressed situation than either me or Dad. Especially Dad. Also Mum remembered my DOB and middle name which were important whilst we were flapping.

So having been allowed on the aircraft the rest was a fairly painless flight (using up what must surely be a lifetime’s quota of quiet children on board a transatlantic flight) and I arrived at Seattle Tac Airport to be met by Maggie (who I met through Softball in London a few years ago and haven’t seen since friends’ wedding last summer) and driven to her flat in Downtown. We went via a Mall to pick up my US phone which is great and removes lots of the stress – if anyone wants the number message me on facebook or my hotmail.

We’ve had a catch up over a good healthy veggie dinner (to get in the good stuff before weeks of burgers and chips kick in!) in one of her local neighborhood restaurants. The starter was particularly superb – PJ balls (peanut butter breaded and deep fried and sat on a mound of jam/jelly) – delicious! I managed to stay up to 10:30am, which is 6:30am UK time, so given myself a good chance against jetlag and slept really well, not sleepless at all.

Today (Tuesday) I spent the morning wandering round Seattle after a breakfast in a great place called Skillet – wonderful scrambled eggs with veggie stuff (again after a week of cake I needed something healthy).

Maggie my excellent hostess for my 20 hour stay in Seattle

Making sure I eat my greens when I can…great veggie scramble in Skillet

I saw lots of the sights and started to realise just how beautiful the bay area is, I’m really looking forward to this first section of the run through Washington.

Space Needle Seattle

The first Starbucks at Pike Place Market – I was tempted to tell the queue of people there was one just around the corner too…

Seattle was a little hilly but this is just cheating!

Then at lunchtime I said goodbye to Maggie who was wonderful to put me up and look after me so well. I was picked up by Justin (one of my fellow runners) and his wife Katy and driven to Elma where we’re all staying tonight before heading to the coast to start the run tomorrow. We’re off soon to our pre-race dinner so I’ll update later and start my routine of posting something every night.

2 responses to “Sleeping in Seattle

  1. Eileen Bradley

    Sounds like a good start Jen, may it continue…… xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. cheering for you, Jen!

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