Stage 2: Montesano to Rochester; 33.7 miles

Day two started in drizzle, though wasn’t as cold as yesterday at the coast. The others seemed a little disappointed with the rain but I’m pleased to get in as many cool days as possible – we’ll be craving the rain and cold soon enough! Until we get to the western side of Washington State this weather looks to continue for a few days – perfect (and very reminiscent of Northern England)!

[I’ll add photos here tomorrow if internet connection is any better – they are on facebook for now!]

Today was 100% on road and a pretty easy route with only 5 or 6 big turns to make. It wasn’t as stunning as yesterday but still pleasant scenery and lots of farms where we saw cows, cute little goats and some pretty birds.

I struggled a bit – legs ok, feet ok, mood ok, period pain not ok. A couple of Advil at mile 22 from Heidi and Karen helped a lot. The crews were amazing again – especially in miserable weather. Karen and Heidi even negotiated an escort to get us through some roadworks. Katie managed to fit in a trip to the gym as Justin and I needed little support and that was great as I felt for those waiting around for runners in the miserable weather, she was back from the halfway point and ever-cheerful in driving the Scooby-van back and forth.

I had a few dog encounters today – mainly farm dogs who backed off if you slow down or launch a rock in their direction, though a couple today really scared me and I need to either improve my arm (been a while since I played softball!) or try the standing still tactic which I’m not brave enough for so am more likely to give them something to chase!

Corky was helping Marty at every step and we stopped by to see him after Mike finished just 6 mins behind me; Justin had been there over an hour – another excellent day of running. Marty is having trouble with his knee and is unable to jog on it today but seemed ok with the prospect of a long walking day; we gave him support and cheered him on about 8 miles from the finish when he’d been on the road around 8 hours – I think he’s finished now but we’ll see how he is tomorrow as he’s staying elsewhere tonight.

When we got back I had an ice bath – more for prevention than anything else, and to get in the habit. Once I get in it’s ok but I only lasted about 5 mins, learnt a top tip after – don’t immediately go into a hot shower as numb feet turn into excruciatingly painful tingling feet!

Then 6 of us in Elma went for dinner at the Mexican that 3 of us went to last night – and again the portions were huge but I had another good Fajita Burrito. We discussed tomorrow’s route and went through Mike’s excellent directions – which have been faultless for 2 days now.

Tomorrow is a 7am start; 35.82 miles and 14 miles of trail which will be a welcome relief from the hard-shoulder of today and day one; though Washington drivers move out of the way well, I’m going to have to limit my waving at cars though else I’ll have a sore arm soon!

Mike’s keeping times on his blog here, I was happy with a 6:28 – steady Eddie.

One response to “Stage 2: Montesano to Rochester; 33.7 miles

  1. Eileen Bradley

    White Rabbits! Bound to get in first! Hope it’s a lucky month for you, Jen. Well done yesterday. Keep it up. xxxxxxxxxx

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