Stage 3: Rochester to Roy, WA

Then there were three… Day three started with Marty having to pull out with a bad knee – he’d endured an epic 12 hour slog the previous day and made the sensible decision not to carry on, he’ll be around crewing for a while though I think. So Justin, Mike and I set off in drizzle from the STOP sign where we finished yesterday.

Start of Stage 3: the three runners and Marty, with the camera, who’s now had to drop out

Justin was in my sight for about 4 miles but was clearly flying again! I plodded a bit and enjoyed our first long stretch of trail, 14 miles of paved trail surrounded by pretty scenery again. Roads crossed occasionally where we met crew, though it was an easy section to run and the rain eased off for a while.

Trail sign

If you run across America… run on trail! (as much as possible)

Trail through wooded section – not a McDonald’s in sight!

Then at mile 24 the trail became road again and we headed through the town of Yelm with the full set of American fast food joints and a Walmart. I didn’t stop off as felt like getting going again would be painful – I’ve a couple of annoying blisters from the rain/socks/shoes/running today.

An Alpaca farm on route provided some relief – they are hilarious-looking animals.

Big fluffy teddy bears…

Then we hit my worst road of the trip so far – WA 507. Probably ok and no different to other similar roads on a dry day but after passing through Yelm the clouds had built up and the downpour started. Lorries crashing past at full speed on wet roads was just horrible. Every time a big lorry/truck came past I had to turn away from the road and cover my eyes and face as the spray was kicking up all the debris. Then two fire engines came hurtling towards me with lights flashing and sirens blaring; fearing for my safety and seeing they weren’t going to move away from the edge of the road I jumped (well badly hurdled – it was 30 miles in!) the barrier and crouched on the other side, finding out afterwards that some of the others had seen me and wondered what I was doing! Frankly I was terrified and it was slow going. Then the finish appeared and I was finally off the 507 and safely in the van parked in a lay-bye while we awaited Mike’s finish a few minutes on. I finished in 6:43 but Justin posted a 5:13 and is running really well. Mike too is happy with how his running is going and seems to keep pace a lot better than me!

This afternoon we drove to Fife and checked into the Days Inn, then headed out for dinner in a place in Tacoma called ‘The Hub’ which was decorated in cycling stuff and bikes. I had a wonderful pizza and left a little room for one of the cookies Katie picked up on the route from a little bakery; home-made chocolate chunk cookie was delicious! AND THIS COUNTS AS BAKING!!

Finally a baking-related post!

Even frosted cookies too – thank you Katie!

Yesterday I had a Tollhouse cookie sandwich on the way back from the run – again BAKING; two cookies either side of ice-cream – what a great idea.

Right I’ve got icing to do and blisters to look at. Today was my third different pair of running shoes – I’m rotating so tomorrow I’ll be back in the Hokas I think, though need to decide in the morning how my blisters are, they’re not big and certainly not worth worrying about but I’d rather they didn’t get worse. The weather forecast for tomorrow looks drier, though as I’m learning about Washington that doesn’t seem to be the case for long! But it’s also low 60s (17/18 degrees) and we’ll be missing those low temps in a couple of weeks!

One response to “Stage 3: Rochester to Roy, WA

  1. Your doing great Jennifer, don’t worry about time and just get through these early days and you’ll toughen up, physically and mentally! This is by far the best way to see America, or any country!

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