Stage 4: Roy to Orillia/Kent, WA, 38.04 miles

Just a quick update as I need to pack and sort gear out for tomorrow – just been out for another great dinner at The Hub in Tacoma where we met up with a couple of Mike’s friends, good chatting and great food but getting near bedtime now.

Today was good. Started off dry, little rain then finished in glorious sunshine (and my arms are a bit burnt now). All 3 of us made it – Justin in a super speedy time just under 6 hours, me at 7:13 and Mike at 8:45 after some early hip flexor issues that seem to have sorted themselves out. Good route and finished with 12 easy trail miles. 

Weirdly my legs felt fine but wouldn’t move very quickly for most of the day- and this evening they’re fine, certainly not in the kind of soreness I’d expect from 140 miles in 4 days, fingers crossed this continues – especially as now the daily mileage stays up at 40 or above. My blister’s no worse today and so I’ll wear the Hokas again tomorrow.

Tomorrow it’s 39.23 miles with a bit more elevation than we’ve been used to at 2,000ft as we head up into the mountains that divide west and east Washington.

My US mobile isn’t accepting international calls o texts so I need to call AT&T tomorrow and sort it out Hotmail best for the time being – though hope to have resolved tomorrow.

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