Stage 5: Oreilia to North Bend, 39.8 miles

The day started out with chilly overcast weather and stayed overcast all day – though it didn’t rain for once! We had a complicated route compared to the first 4 days – the directions taking 4 pages instead of the usual 1.  Waking up my legs felt fine, and I was glad to have worn my compression tights under my skirt when out to dinner last night (yes I have no shame when it comes to my recovery!). I have a great big bruise on my shin which I couldn’t figure out – then I remembered kicking the cooler getting out of the van yesterday. My blister is no worse again and healing so the only injury I had to start today was from my clumsiness…

We started at the electricity post from yesterday’s finish and had two miles on the inter-urban trail then a fair stretch of road. Two and a half miles in I got a bit off track in a car park and saw Justin overhead on a bridge – pointing the way to go. Mike was also approaching and so I could see where to go… then all of a sudden I was on the floor hands sprawled and sore knees… a familiar feeling. I’d not been looking at the ground and tripped on a ramp, brilliant. Still I’d made it to day 5, 140 miles in, without a tumble so was due one. I picked myself up and tried to ignore my bleeding hand – until I saw Heidi and Karen in the Road runner and got a tissue. Later on Marty sprayed me with Hydrochloride to get some antiseptic and although I screamed and ran off I was grateful for the first aid!

The first 18 miles went well and although it was slow I felt comfortable plodding along at 10 min miles. Then I got confused about the road signs (easier than it sounds with some of these signs) and climbed the steepest hill yet… only to find out when getting to the top and calling Heidi that I’d turned right too early… so back down the hill I went! Heidi and Karen had stopped a cyclist at the crest of the hill and the poor guy didn’t really manage to get his bike going again very well!

Then I ended up on the Interstate-90 somehow… not concentrating and taking photos. Retracing my steps I saw Mike heading towards me and decided to give up getting lost and stay with him. That turned out to be a good plan – after leaving the road we had a lovely run through some gorgeous forest and chatted about how he’d devised the route and some of the ultras he’s run – he’s run over 110 ultras and about 70 maras. With Justin’s impressive list of completed US hundreds I am definitely the least experienced of the three, but then I knew that before I came here.

Mike on the trail

The middle section flew by and by the time we’d got to the last 5 miles I felt tired but not too bad so sped up a little to finish in 7:49.

Washington has some beautiful forests, wet though!

Then I took the option of dinner in the hotel and went out later for ice cream with Mike and Karen – a hot fudge sundae – at Dairy Freeze which was opened in 1951 – and we were served by the Mayor of North Kent no less!

A proper 1950s ice cream parlour – with a very good hot fudge sundae!

2 responses to “Stage 5: Oreilia to North Bend, 39.8 miles

  1. Eileen Bradley

    Sounds like a fair treat for such a tough day! Hope your scrapes heal up quickly. xxxxxxxx

  2. I don’t know how you muster the energy to go out after dinner Jen… I’d be prostrate on the bed! X

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