Stage 8: Ellensburg to Vantage, 30.4 miles

Having slept well I awoke to find my quad was no worse than yesterday, phew! I applied some tape Mike gave me – after watching a youtube clip of how to best tape a quad –  and it felt a little better, not as painful as yesterday. I was incredibly fortunate that the schedule meant today was one of our shortest days and though it was cold it stayed dry all day.

Chilly start to Stage 8; taped up and fingers on watches ready to go…

We were joined at the start by Kevin and Leigh, two of Mike’s friends, who are trying to complete a marathon and half marathon (respectively) in every US state. They’re up to about 37 I think and had just run in Oregon and Washington the previous weekend, with another coming up in Utah on the way home to Tennessee. Mike, Kevin and I walked and chatted until Kevin left us about 9 miles in. Mike continued to walk with me until about mile 12 when the trail ended and our 18 road miles  began. I was glad of the company but wanted him to get running again. With the tape feeling supportive and a strong wind behind me I decided to give jogging a go – and it was ok, no more painful than walking so I plodded along with Corky following in the car and stopping every 2 or 3 miles. She was great – really encouraging and determined to keep me eating and drinking! A little after 8 hours and I was done for the day, after a long winding road through wind farms – which were well placed! I managed to tweet from my US phone (which is still NOT RECEIVING UK TEXTS – I need to sort this tomorrow, or might ask someone else to as I’ve not had time) when I was about 6 miles away and it was about 1:30pm so that those following in the UK (especially Mum!) would know I was going to make it before their bedtime.

We seem to have hit the drier bit of WA, hurrah!

Again on meeting everyone at the finish I was left in fits of giggles by Karen and Heidi – yesterday it had been their tale of the first emptying of the poop in the small RV they’ve been driving; it seems they only could find a see-through pipe! Also as the trip has worn on the Road runner seems to be shedding more and more from cupboards (especially water bottles) as it rounds corners, requiring some quick reactions!

After another Wendy’s Chilli (yes I really like them!) we went shopping and once again I got to stand in awe before shelves with more varieties of peanut butter than I could ever imagine existed. Ditto crackers, cereal and cookies.

Ooh and I also found the bakery section, so sticking to the name of the blog here’s some cakes, cookies and baked goods in Ellensburg:

Graduation cookies and Bagpuss

Cat and other cupcake cakes

Coming into the finish there was a family of Groundhogs playing around some pipes by the side of the road – they were actually pretty cute but I’m glad it’s not going to be Groundhog day tomorrow – I have hopes to run/jog most of the 44 miles tomorrow! Thanks again for all the messages of support – they really helped get through yesterday and spurred me on today. Back on track now, fingers crossed!

5 responses to “Stage 8: Ellensburg to Vantage, 30.4 miles

  1. Eileen Bradley

    A tense day for us all yesterday, I think! So happy it went ok. Thanks for the note before bedtime! You are the sensible child, so I know you will take it steady. Lots of love and hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • I’m not sure what it says about the other two that I’m the ‘sensible’ one! Sorry to have put you through so much worry (though really stop worrying!!) and looking forward to seeing you in PA! Jxx

  2. Who’d have thunk it – You Tube doesn’t just have videos of dogs on skateboards! Well done Jennifer – very proud of you and you’ve done 10% of this epic journey now – keep it going

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for the every day updates.
    Just keep plotting along and take on step a time and one day a time. In my experience it takes a good 3-4 weeks to get used to the grind in a race like this.
    Keep on running!

  4. Joanna littlechild

    Good news! Pleased to hear you are making progress. I’ll update hbai team as we were talking about your epic trip today. Best wishes and have a good day tomorrow

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