Stage 9: Vantage to Moses Lake, 44.74

Today I walked 45 miles in 14 hours and 37 minutes. The right quad is not good, and the left foot is annoyed taking the weight. Mike walked with me – and now knows about cricket and snooker, I know more about the US school system and the Navy. I saw a Groundhog again and a dead skunk. Off to bed after pizza- has been a long day. Not much else to say. Exhausted.

9 responses to “Stage 9: Vantage to Moses Lake, 44.74

  1. As I am sure you know, it was never going to be easy but you have the focus and the strength to pull through. Keep the focus and keep going! Have strength in the thought that if James Adams can do it… anyone can 😉 Good luck x

  2. Veronica Rivera

    Hi Jennifer – We met during the Pony Express and I have been following your journey each day, and I wanted to say how amazingly well you are doing, and how in awe I am of what you have and are going to achieve. This is literally the journey of a lifetime. Stay strong, Veronica x

  3. Take heart Jennifer we’ve got everyone in DWP willing you on! In fact Donna has made it an explicit instruction for us to all read your blog – so this is technically a work activity now 🙂

    Fingers crossed the quad improves, have you got any chocolate hobnobs left? In our professional capacity as medical experts, this WILL DEFINITELY HELP 🙂

    All the best, us!

  4. Jennifer

    We are really missing you at work. I have been reading all your updates. Tried to send a message before but not sure it worked. I really hope you get through this injury. You must be so exhausted and frustrated. We are all rooting for you.


  5. Hi Jennifer

    So sorry to hear about your injury. I have been following your updates. Not sure if you got a previous message I sent. I hope you get through this phase. We are all really missing you at work but hope you can keep going. We are rooting for you!


  6. Carol Beattie

    Hi Jennifer
    Sorry to hear that quad not any better – try not to get too frustrated and keep your spirits up. You will get through this – we’re all willing you on! Carol

  7. I’m thinking of you Jen. Stay strong and carry on!

  8. Hi Jen,

    stay strong and carry on!
    I know you can do it.

    take care,
    Wendy (injured Serpette)

  9. Joanna littlechild

    What a day. Hope things improve tomorrow. Best wishes

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