Stage 10: Somewhere in Washington to somewhere else 41 miles away

Yesterday was another tough one – no one said this would be easy I suppose, else everyone would do it. My quad was ok to start and I jogged the first few miles – partly urged on by the State Highway Patrol escort over an Interstate bridge which is normally closed to pedestrians. But I may have pushed it a little early and the torn quad became very painful during the day. 13 hours of walking saw me get to the end of the 41 mile stage, most of which was on tough rocky trail and battered the feet. Mike walked with me for about three-quarters of the route and I was grateful for the company. We talked politics, education and I also learnt a lot about the US Tax System (turns out it might actually be more complicated than ours!).
On the way we passed through the tiny town of Lind where they were gearing up for a Combine Derby (yes really – country folk racing and trashing their combines); seemed like everyone in the surrounding area must have been there. Also we’d been announced as passing through in the local newspaper so quite a few people knew who we were and what we were doing – though in the 5 mile road section I was offered two lifts! I reluctantly declined.

Road into Lind – part of a broken trestle that forced us off the railroad trail; and threatening clouds…

Finally finishing in the rain (again!) with Marty having kept me company through the final 8 miles I was whisked off to the hotel – with a Taco delivered to the car on-route thanks to Heidi and Karen and I managed to get into bed showered and fed by 9:30pm, having finished at 8pm.  I couldn’t update the blog thanks to a slight hiccup with Justin’s Van – the back door won’t open so my suitcase was stuck! Luckily this morning a couple from a local farm who’d come to see the start (well we had been in the paper!) managed to help and I was told 5 miles in that the suitcase was out, hurrah!

Other good news is my ability to eat and sleep in any situation is coming into it’s own at the moment, phew.

2 responses to “Stage 10: Somewhere in Washington to somewhere else 41 miles away

  1. monica lockett

    jen, I am a friend of Lucy’s and have been following your blog from the start of your journey across America. You and your team are doing so well. I love reading about your expeirences, which are as inspirational as they are funny! My daughter and I are training for a half marathon (a minor feat compared to yours!) and realise that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Thanks and best of luck to all of you and success on your future runs. Monica and Niamh, from Cuddington.

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