Stage 11: Farming land in Washington, 38 miles

Today I really didn’t want another very long day and was relieved that my quad felt less painful. The three of us walked for a good 10 miles together today – which was really nice as Justin’s been so far ahead of us recently with me walking I’ve hardly seen him. Justin has been struggling with a little niggle in his hamstring and sore foot tendon so was taking it easy. Also today on the trail we were walking through part of a private property that Mike had agreed was ok with the owners, the Harfords – and we came across the owner Jake and his son so it was good to meet them. The landscape of the last couple of days has been very different to East Washington,  hardly any trees but some great views across plains and ranches. I really enjoyed today as  felt a lot better and managed some light jogging, finishing in just over 10 hours – a massive difference over the last couple of days in terms of recovery time and rest. I have a slightly tight right hamstring but hope to do some more jogging tomorrow; blisters permitting.  We’ve been rained on 10 days of 11 so far; maybe tomorrow will be drier… though I know it’ll not be long before I’m longing for this cool weather with showers. Having dragged myself through the last few days with this quad I’m now feeling much more positive – and as it’s day 12 tomorrow I think I can see a point coming soon when I start running again and this has started to become fun again (yes fun!)
For the second time in two days I’m going to bed with a Reeses McFlurry, don’t judge me until you’ve walked/jogged 40 miles in my wet trainers. Today I think we passed the 400 mile marker (though have yet to update my spreadsheet…) just one more day in Washington and then on Monday we pass into Idaho [work colleagues, Bradley family and Bev get ready to move my pin to the border on the map!]
One other thing – the last few days have been the most testing I’ve ever had but I’ve been really cheered and encouraged by the messages of support; both here and on facebook. Thank you all – I don’t have time to reply to all but want you to know how much it’s been driving me on in the dark moments to know you’re all rooting for me and willing me on! I’m definitely giving this my best, promise.

10 responses to “Stage 11: Farming land in Washington, 38 miles

  1. Hi Jennifer

    Really delighted to see such a positive post! I’m so glad the latest stage has been easier and we will indeed move the pin on Monday. Clara has been reading your updates is especially concerned that you are getting enough to eat so is always delighted when she hears of pizzas, ice creams etc!

    We are going to talk about your progress at the team meeting on Tuesday, by the way. We are all thinking of you.

    Best wishes


    • Hi Donna, Tell Clara I’m running through the perfect country for taking on calories so doing well on that score! Glad to have made it through one State and things are very much looking up now. Plus since I left Caxton I’ve not (touch wood…) had a cold so my theory on sick-building syndrome is proved, albeit with a sample of one. I hope the summer comes soon to London, Jennifer

  2. Eileen Bradley

    Hi Jen, so relieved things are looking up. I’m sure no one doubts you are giving this your best shot. You have been amazing so far. Looking forward to reading your next blog and more words of enjoyment! Much love, Mum & Dad xxxxxxx

  3. So proud furry Jen! Especially of the Reese’s McFlurry’s – to think all those years wasted before you discovered the delights of peanut butter! There’s no stopping you now! Xx

  4. Well done Jennifer – it’s great to hear you sounding more positive and hopefully things will start looking up from here onwards.

    Best of luck and keep going

  5. Reading your mum and dad’s comments above Jen… makes me glad my Ben isn’t doing something like this. I’m on enough tenterhooks worrying about you.. Glad we had a rest between James’s and yours… Rooting for you Jen… don’t give up. T xx

  6. Derek and Margaret

    Hi Jen,
    Thinking of you every day especially when we do our little run into the next town and back before breakfast. You are an inspiration. Keep it up! Derek and Margaret xx

  7. Jennifer, just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. Maybe enjoy isn’t the right word since you’ve been having a difficult time of it! I’m Justin’s aunt-in-law from Colorado, Susie. 🙂 Hope you’re jogging again soon. Cheering all of you on! xoxoxo

  8. Joanna littlechild

    Well done! It’ll be one state down by the end the day. I’ll look forward to see pictures of Idaho cakes. Hope you get a chance to eat them as well as take photos.

  9. Well done Jennifer, I’m really enjoying reading (catching up) the blog. It has given me many ideas on how I could attempt something inspirational. Stage 11 has done just that, with news of the Reese’s McFlurry. Ever since 1998 and my discovery of the McFlurry in Boston, USA, never have I thought a better thing came out of McDs. Currently the premium McFlurry in the UK is Twix, which is nothing compared the Oreo’s McFlurrys of the last two summers.

    Karen H always says ice cream is a great post-run food because of the proteins, I try and include a McFlurry after each race on the way home.

    My challenge is therefore to find a Reese’s McFlurry!

    BTW, last night (19/06/2012) you made number 3 in the BBC News Videos, albeit a non-moving photo and a great interview from the radio. Really inspirational and you sounded really well, and not in the least bit tired.

    Hope the quad is feeling better, and well done so far!!!


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