Stage 12: Lavista to Fairbanks WA, 33.6 miles

What a great day – jogged 33.6 miles which makes 447 miles in 12 days and also marks the second day we haven’t been rained on, and the final day on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail through eastern Washington; which given it’s a rocky and unforgiving trail I shall not be sad to leave behind. The scenery and views today were once again stunning with fields for miles around and I saw lots of deer and falcons (jury still out on if they’re actually falcons but look a lot like them).

This evening I went to a lovely dinner at Mariah and Jonathan’s house in Spokane. It was great to meet Jonathan and catch up with Mariah who I knew when she was living in London and in my running club. We had delicious Turkey burgers, corn and salad, plus a very good cookie ice-cream sandwich. Mariah had also baked cookies and flapjack! (This counts for those of you who don’t think I’m covering enough baking here!) I’m going to enjoy introducing the others to flapjack and the cookies are really tasty.

The best kind of sandwich: ice cream inside cookies, genius.

Mariah’s baking: flapjacks and cookies


Update on other stuff:

Injuries: quad doing better, right hamstring now a bit tight but not bad. Blisters not very nice and must remember to change shoes tomorrow – I’ve been rotating trainers but the last 2 days wore the same pair which may have been a mistake on that tough, wet trail.

Crew: this morning we said ‘bye to Marty and Corky who had stayed on to crew after Marty had to pull out, they will be missed as were great to have around and incredibly helpful this past week. This evening is Karen’s last night – she’s back to Illinois in the morning. She’s acted as my PA – sorting out my phone with AT&T when I couldn’t get anywhere and also sorting out some hotel bookings; has been a navigational superstar for Heidi and has really made me giggle a lot with episodes in the Roadrunner, especially the emptying of the poop! She will also be missed but we’ll see her again, as we pass close to her house later in the trip. Justin’s brother Adam is here to help for a week and is already finding out the fun of crewing – it’s tough job!

11 responses to “Stage 12: Lavista to Fairbanks WA, 33.6 miles

  1. Eileen Bradley

    Sounds like a lovely day all round. These are the words of enjoyment we had hoped for! May you keep improving with the injuries & blisters. Much love Mum & Dad xxxxxx

  2. Great to hear things are going so much better. Maybe it’s the healing power of the cookie/ice cream sandwich? I recommend at least one per day.

    Hope the improvements continue. We’re all following your progress every day.


    • Hi Mike – I saw a wine shop today and thought of you! I don’t think Idaho is particularly famed for it’s wine though so I’ll not be carrying that back with me! Jennifer

  3. Cheryl Turkington

    Great to hear that you’re back to jogging. I hope your leg recovers fully very quickly. I’m enjoying moving you along the map and look forward to your first state crossing tomorrow. My good news is that I’m an auntie!! Whoop! I’m very excited as you can tell 🙂 Little Rebekah arrived very early on Saturday morning. I’ve just shown Alex the photo I was sent and tried but failed to make him try really hard to say ‘Aww’. However, you have definitely revealed a secret soft side with your third post (fluffy teddy bears) so I’ll be expecting you too to at least pretend to be impressed when I finally get to show you a pic!!!

    Keep going! We’re all cheering for you!

    • Congratulations! Great news and glad all’s well. Alex needs to do what I do in similar baby-photo situations – pretend it’s a photo of something you really like; a mountain with a good trail path in my case, for Alex maybe a new weapon for his role-playing, people seem happy enough with the smile then. Hope this week goes well – and you had an ok time in Brussels, I was thinking about you that Thursday! Jennifer

  4. Take care Jen. I am looking forward to seeing you again at my house. I will have to think of something to fulfill the baking portion of you blog.

  5. Go Jenn! Great updates!

  6. Brilliant – you are doing so well – stay strong! LOVING following this

  7. Hi Jennifer

    Sounds like a great day! The photos delighted Clara but even more so Mike Batley! He was talking about ice cream cookies at about 10am this morning and I couldn’t work out why until I realised he was reading your update!

    HBAI is out on Wednesday. I’m sure you won’t be too sorry to miss that. You are having a much more memorable experience!

    Hope all continues to go well. The blisters sound sore but I’m glad your quad is feeling better. I’m really enjoying the updates. We moved the pin at work today!

    Best wishes


    • Thank you – it’s great to know you’re all following and has really kept me going in some tough times!
      I think we need to get Mike a cookie ice-cream sandwich, they’re divine. Hope all goes well with the publication this week and it’s not very stressful, looking forward to seeing you all at the end of August! Jennifer

  8. Joanna littlechild

    Excellent news! Sounds like you’ve made good progress today. And the cookie sandwich looks very tasty – how many of those did you have to sustain you? Idaho next?

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