Stage 13: Fairbanks WA to Harrison ID, 37.6 miles

Today was a really special day; our first State border crossing, and a beautiful stretch of trail running into Idaho. We ran for a large part of today, and will all tomorrow, on the ‘Couer d’Alene’ trail in Northern Idaho. This was worth the struggle of last week, I’m so glad to have made it here.

Mike and I at the WA-ID border

I ran with Mike most of the day but didn’t want to push my quad or hamstring too much so took it easy to finish in 7:46, about 10 mins behind Mike and Justin was a good hour and twenty mins ahead of me. Pleased to be back jogging and feeling better; I’ve had my blister attended to by our team podiatrist Justin and it’s looking like it might start healing soon, at least it’s not infected (sorry to those reading over breakfast in UK! On that though I have also left out some of the more gruesome aspects of the trip so far – roadkill – so might do a medley piece later on, I’ll warn ahead so breakfasts are not ruined and small children don’t have nightmares! (Hi Clara!)).

It was also really warm today (a high of about 70 – about 21 degrees but felt hotter!) and sunny all day so gave me a good practice at carrying more water and drinking lots, it was no where near as hot as it’ll be from South Dakota onwards so I’m a bit worried about how I’ll cope.  London through April and May wasn’t exactly ideal for heat-training!

We’re staying tonight in a lovely hotel called the Lakeview Lodge in the small town of Harrison, on the shore of Lake Coeur d’ Alene, and I’ve just had fish and chips (well, baked potato as I don’t really like chips.) There’s lots of wildlife around – lots of birds and apparently elk, bears and moose.

View from my deck before dinner – Lakeview Lodge, Harrison, ID

I almost wish we were spending a few days here and I’d really like to come back but then that’s one of the great things about this trip – seeing places you wouldn’t normally visit.

Often I’m asked what I think about when I’m running and today there was a good example of my random thoughts:

I’m jogging along looking at the scenery thinking how much it reminds me of Switzerland with the forest-covered mountains and lakes so then I start thinking about my friend Pete in Switzerland and trying to remember when the race is in the valley he’s now living in (I think August) and how it might be good to do next year then… I see a chipmunk, my first ever. Pretty cute on the path in front of me and I start to think about Arvin and the chipmunks; what was Arvin then if he wasn’t a chipmunk? Ponder this for a bit, decide he was a chipmunk and how odd that the others were called Simon and Theodore… then look at my watch – ah another 4 miles gone, and there’s Heidi with the van and more drinks. I wish I could say it was more philosophical or revelationary but that’s just it, random thoughts.

View from deck as writing blog after dinner

7 responses to “Stage 13: Fairbanks WA to Harrison ID, 37.6 miles

  1. Mariah McConnaughey

    Ah! So glad you enjoyed today and are enjoying lake CDA!! You are welcome to come back and visit any time!! Jonathan and I were pleased to feature on the blog and even more pleased to be part of your amazing journey! You are doing great and i am proud to be your teammate – keep it up gal!!

  2. The views look stunning. It’s great to hear that you were able to say ‘good-bye’ to last week’s struggle and ‘hello’ to running. I’m very pleased for you, and obviously immensely impressed. Your report sounds really upbeat. Let us know if you want to hear about what’s going on in London…there’s lots to report on different shades of grey and different degrees of dampness… 🙂

  3. Eileen Bradley

    Sounds and looks like a beautiful place. Great to wake up to this kind of story! Watch out for the indians! One state down……… Much love Mum & Dad xxx

  4. Congratulations on the completion of your first state! It looks so lovely there.

  5. Hey lovely! Congratulations on your first state and glad that, well, I was going to say you’re back on your feet but that’s not quite the right phrase here is it? Looking forward to your roadkill medley (I’m imagining it will involve guitars and you crooning to us. No?). A London update: it remains torrential. I remain unsure that three weeks camping in scotland is a good summer holiday. Although in its favour, there’s not a great deal of running involved. (I hope)
    Looking forward to the next post Jen. Am still amazed by what you’re doing every time I see an update xx

  6. I’m looking forwards to the roadkill special – it’ll be a treat when I’m eating my cereal!

    Well done on the progress – when you cross a time zone remember you aren’t allowed to count that in the split times!

  7. Joanna littlechild

    Sounds like a great day and views look wonderful. Hope you had a tasty pudding with your fish and chips

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