Stage 14: Harrison to Osborn ID, 43.25 miles

We set off this morning back on the Couer d’alene trail from yesterday and ran on it all day. We saw a few people – mainly dog walkers and the occasional cyclist but the most exciting thing was the wildlife around the trail. As we ran passed mini lakes, streams and water-logged fields the birds and animals were everywhere – it was teeming with life.

Those spots in the sky are eagles, or ospreys. Mum, Dad you’d love it here!

I saw herons, storks, lots of little water fowl and other birds as well as eagles (Justin thinks a bald eagle but I’m pretty sure I saw a pair of golden eagles and he saw an Osprey, but we really needed a bird watcher today!). As we set off I felt pretty good so ran just behind Justin for 20 miles, he was taking it slow at 10 min miles. A couple of times when he stopped I was in the lead – mainly to see if I could see some more wildlife as with him in front everything kept being scared off (I think it’s his red-neck-cross-dressing look they don’t like!)

Start of stage 14, we didn’t park in the disabled spot. Justin’s knee-high stockings are unfortunately cut-off, but trust me they’re there.

At one point I dropped back to take a photo of the eagles and I could see Justin bending down – it later turned out he was watching a moose and calf which I completely missed! So on we went with me complaining about not seeing a moose despite constantly looking (and I wonder why I fall over!) but then about 3 miles later there was a big moose standing about 20m away in reeds, just staring at me.

The wrong day to not take my camera; phone shot of a moose, you have to look hard but she’s in the middle!

It was a lovely run and even though I slowed a bit towards the end I was pleased to be back jogging; and a finish time of just over 8 hours meant we got to the motel in good time and over pizza (a Calzone for me) we discussed logistics for some of the trip when we’ve not got crew for Justin and I. And a van with no one to drive… but we think it’s all sorted, just about. Adam should hopefully be staying on a day or so longer into next week and it looks like Mike’s aunt might be able to come, then we have just about organised for (another) Mike to fly out and drive Justin’s van when he’s here. With 3 runners we need 2 crews at all times really, though Justin and I have discussed running with packs and/or dropping water beforehand if we need to – it shouldn’t come to that though.

Again today we couldn’t survive without Heidi and Adam – popping up with water on what was a humid and sunny day – and always there when needed!

Happily jogging along the Couer d’Alene trail, ID

8 responses to “Stage 14: Harrison to Osborn ID, 43.25 miles

  1. Eileen Bradley

    Wow! What a great day with the wildlife, looks wonderful, lucky you.
    Great compensations for all the hard running. Keep it up, you’re doing great, we are all in awe of you. Mum xxxxx

  2. Cheryl Turkington

    It looks absolutely beautiful out there. I’m glad you’re enjoying it again and running comfortably. Brussels was fine by the way. I was really nervous having to speak and thought my heart would leap out of my chest but I got through and even had some success in getting CPU’s preference of upping the importance of the low birth weight indicator. HBAI pre-release is also out today so you can imagine it’s all go. I did my important job this morning – hovering over the send button until precisely 9:30am to send the submission!

    But that’s enough about work. Your desk has been getting well used since you left and your poor ball is rolling about all over the place, lost without you! Look forward to tomorrow’s post, have a great day!

    • Excellent on the EU meeting – well done! Though I had no doubt you’d be great. And say well done to everyone for the HBAI pub, I imagine it’s been a manic couple of weeks! I do hope no-one’s taken too much of a liking to my desk… I am coming back!

  3. I’ve got tears in my eyes Jen… I never thought I’d read this after what you’ve been through… x

  4. Hi Jennifer,

    Loving the updates and thanks for keeping the food details coming. As I say, I think Mike B. is more interested in the sweet stuff than even Clara is. Needless to say, as we are not running all day, we really can’t justify too many cookie ice-creams ourselves but I did make an exception for a very nice cupcake that Cheryl made. You will be pleased to know others are baking in your absence! Your team has been great and the HBAI is out tomorrow. Alex and others did a very good presentation to SoS earlier.

    Clara said today that she wished you could be her mummy for one day. It turns out parents have to run at her sports day next week and she doesn’t hold out much hope for me or Andrew!

    We talked about your progress at yesterday’s team meeting, as promised and hopefully lots of people from the team will be in touch. We are doing a team awayday soon and I’ll make sure your trip gets a slot!

    I’m glad it’s going well – sounds like a truly amazing experience!


    • Great news on the team baking – and HBAI of course! Glad it went well. Sorry to miss the awayday but delighted to be represented! And unfortunately I’ll still be in the US for Clara’s sports day else I’d have stood in happily – though at the moment I’m not exactly speedy(!); I wonder which of you get the short straw!

      I’m now more sure than ever that bears and monsters are more scared of us than we are of them so Clara has nothing to be worried about.

  5. Joanna littlechild

    Wildlife sounds great. You’ll soon be able to recognise all sorts of birds and animals. Team were busy with hbai prep today – we have our fingers crossed for tomorrow’s release. But we did mange our team’s cake morning. I’m not sure how well our selection compares to what you have had on offer. Have a good day tomorrow.

    • Thank you – and say congrats to the team for the publication – and I hope they get well deserved rests now (if only for a short while before the next big thing…). Good to read the cake supply in the office is being kept up even in my absence!

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