Stage 16: De Borgia to nr Knowles, MT, 41 miles

Today we awoke to fog in Montana, thick fog which was a little chilly.

Chilly fog for the intrepid 3; finally colour co-ordinating nicely!

About 2 hours into the run it burnt off to show us why this is nicknamed the ‘Big Sky’ state. Also revealed was the amazing scenery of mountains covered in tightly packed pine trees and a wonderful range of green everywhere – maybe that’s why the sky looked so blue!

Montana the ‘Big Sky’ State. Photos thanks to Heidi!

This morning though I was simply not in the mood to run. Nope. I’d been waiting for a day like this to crop up and day 16 was it. I was grumpy at the cold start, fed up plodding along in the middle and very miserable as my shin started to get very sore from about half way. It was the type of day that had I been home I’d have cycled rather than run to work, or even caught the train and been reminded of why I cycle/run normally – that usually puts me back in my trainers! But there’s no chance of an off day here so me and my grumpiness plodded for 41 miles along what was possibly one of the most stunning backdrops I’ve ever seen (well the one time I looked up from my doldrums). There were even bald eagles swooping around and chipmunks everywhere but they didn’t lift me. Oh and it turned out to be hot, well warm anyway – about 79 degrees the high. I coped ok but will need lots of water/powerade in the very hot States we’ll run through (I’m definitely drinking more than I thought I would already).

Shin iced now and Dr Justin agrees tendonitis/shin splints (which he also has but is somehow still managing to run really well!). It’s only in the right leg currently and the words of James were in my mind today; ‘you just get injuries that move around your legs from one bit to another everyday’ and the wise words of Mark ‘if you’ve got legs you can run’. Might be a few long days ahead, but then at least I’m moving forward – might as well end the day on a positive note!

Ah and another positive note (well sort of) I had another visit to Subway today (actually that’s a lie; Heidi went and delivered it to me in my hotel room, amazing) and have been led astray into the world of the meatball sub… delicious, there’s no going back now!

10 responses to “Stage 16: De Borgia to nr Knowles, MT, 41 miles

  1. Jennifer, the only injury I had on my Transcon in 2011 was shinsplints in my right leg. two days of icing (and the same two days easy) and it never bothered me the rest of the time… You can work through this. Keep icing it and keep moving forward! Enjoy the view!

  2. Mariah mcconnaughey

    Sorry you had a tough go today! Keep it up, tons of us are cheerig you on!!

  3. Eileen Bradley

    Hi Jen, sorry for your bad shin but good to know that others have had the same and pulled through. You’re doing great and allowed to have a grumpy day. Hope the stunning scenery lifts your spirits today. Dad
    thinks you may see Bison today…. keep your eyes peeled!
    Have a better day. xxxxxxxx

    • Angie Lescott

      A wise woman once said that looking at the stick you tripped over doesn’t help you finish the race so try and focus on the big picture rather than dwelling on the injury which I’m sure will heal likety split. You are doing amazingly well. Angie x

  4. Heather McDonald-Hamilton

    Jennifer I’m reading your blogs with such admiration. What an amazing venture your on, I envy you. How do you do those miles day in day out? Keep going and we’re here to support you. When I wake in the morning the first thing I do is read your blog lol! Your bound to have extreme ups and downs – enjoy the ride. Do it for Great Britain! We salute you! X

  5. Keep going Jen! We all have bad days, and after two weeks non-stop it had to happen one day. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and tomorrow will be another (much happier) day. If I were you I’d be more worried about that list that Allan is putting together for you… Hope the shin splints get better!

  6. Jonathan Myers

    Great Job Jen!! It was awesome to meet you on Sunday, and it is fun to follow along on the blog! Color me impressed with your determination….hopefully your body will slowly adjust, and I am sure these injuries will be no match for your will! By the way, Subway is pretty tasty, and as you go along further east, Jimmy John’s is a great sandwich shop as well…there is probably one in Billings, MT. Another good choice is Chipotle for a change of pace (healthy burritos). Cheers to a great adventure!

  7. Hope tomorrow is a better today. I bet you are grumpy, you must be pooped! I’m tired and grump and haven’t even run a zillion miles in 16 days! Glad you are enjoying subways and they help with those pesky shin pains. Enjoy the scenery and thank you for your daily blogs! xxx

  8. Keep pluggin’ away! Remember, ultra running is 90% half mental! I hope your shin splints ease up soon. Keep icing. I’ll be joining you on American soil in a few weeks! Keep going Jen, always moving forwards!!!

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