Stage 17: Plains to Arlee, MT, 41.61 miles

This morning we started in a slightly different way to our normal routine – usually Mike recaps a quick overview of the route (any tricky turns, big dogs etc)  before we count down 3,2,1 and have our start photo taken by Heidi. Today the route was only two lines long on the turn sheet- we were to run 30 miles on one road, turn right (actually onto the same road) and stop 11 miles down that road. So we started promptly but as we were jogging along the first 100m I was in quite a bit of shin pain and Justin said it still wasn’t too late for him to strap it – so after only 2 mins we stopped (but not the watch!) and Justin strapped my right leg so the pressure was less on my tendons at the front. It worked well, though the shin was still sore so I decided on a slow, long day taking in the scenery – which is somehow a lot better mentally than thinking of it as an injured day!

It was a lovely sunny day and before long warmed up, another good warm-up for me ahead of the hotter section of the run. I remembered my lip sun cream so they’re getting better, though forgot to coat my ears ’til it was a little late…

The route was along two busy roads and it’s not clear if there is an actual enforced speed limit in Montana (my feeling after today is that there isn’t; or if there is there are no police to enforce it). So it was a bit of a manic day – the shoulder was pretty wide in places but the buffeting from the trucks and RVs was draining. We got some lovely views of the Rockies and saw lots of ranches and small towns (I’m trying to infiltrate the US language with ‘village’ and ‘hamlet’ as really they’re necessary for tiny places like these!). I came in under12 hours and a long slow day probably hasn’t done me any harm! Now icing and watching some TV – US political news, as there’s nothing else on.

Before I go to bed here’s a photo Heidi took from a tiny hamlet we went through called ‘Paradise, MT’:

Paradise, Montana

5 responses to “Stage 17: Plains to Arlee, MT, 41.61 miles

  1. Good stuff Jen. Keep going strong. Any mcDonalds ‘aid station’ stops yet?

  2. Joanna littlechild

    Sounds like you’ve made a lot of progress in the last couple of days. The bear story sounded a bit scary – are you still singing as you go? Best wishes for the next couple of days and look out for the nest subway stop. You’ll have to check out the one nearest to Caxton House on your return.

  3. Hi Jennifer

    The photos of the scenery are just amazing! Running on the big roads sounded very trying and in America hardly anyone walks, runs or cycles, as far as I remember, so vehicles are probably even less considerate!

    Hope your shin starts to feel better. I have been telling everyone about your run. It’s been making some of the people at my gym, who thought they were super-fit, feel quite bad!

    We are having a good weekend here with typical British summer weather – rain, wind and sometimes a bit of sun!

    Really impressed with how far you guys have come so far! Amazing!


  4. the name ‘Paradise’ really is fitting, what a stunning stunning place. I hope you’re getting the chance to savour the beautiful views as you’re jogging along! xxx

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