Stage 19: Seeley Lake to Helmville, MT, 38.95 miles

Today was another day on the roads- and the busy MT200 from two days ago and I wasn’t really looking forward to revisiting. Last time on this road I’d worn a grey top and thought that this time I’d wear a brighter colour (as all good Man Utd fans know grey makes you invisible.) So armed with a bright pink top and a determination to take the Montana drivers less to heart I was ready.  Today was Sunday so the roads were quieter and maybe the church-going folk had repented a little as the drivers seemed a little slower and better at moving over; plus there were less trucks. The weather had been forecast as mainly sunny with 30% rain and, as my Dad has also realised recently, the US weather forecast is pretty much guesswork. So it was chilly to start and rained on and off for about  3 hours – heavily at one point. It brought back memories of the Manchester Marathon in April. And I had a great day – took it steady and 8 hours running meant I got back to the hotel in good time (before 4:30pm for the first time in ages) and I even got time to paint my toe-nails (yes I still have toe-nails!). Justin also continues to run like a machine and even doubles back at the finish to help crew for Mike and I – outstanding! Mike had a long day with a bad Achilles but with taping from Justin we’re hoping it’s going to get better tomorrow.

Recent Grizzly sightings and the Three Bears Motel!

Tonight’s motel (The Three Bears – yes they really are overplaying the bear thing out here!) has good wi-fi (something of an exception in Montana along with phone reception it turns out) and some other visitors are part of a big cycle ride here called the Great Divide Ride – having cycled from Canada. We apparently go over this Continental Divide tomorrow when we’ll be at the highest spot on our route. The Continental Divide is the point at which all rivers in America east of the Divide no longer drain into the Pacific but rather into the Gulf or Atlantic. So another big marker on our trip east!

Just had pizza and cookies in front of the US Open, super.

Tomorrow we swap crew with Adam (Justin’s brother) heading back to Indianapolis and Mike’s Aunt Margaret coming out to help.  Adam’s been great – good fun and reliable, even fishing whilst crewing and we’ll miss him! He probably won’t miss the smell of Justin’s running clothes bag… though he may be able to still smell it!

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful Dad – who I was really pleased to get to speak to yesterday – and Happy Birthday to my brother Tom (present will be with you on my return – I’ll bring you something back, though not the ‘bear jerky’ which is popular here – and pretty gross.)

4 responses to “Stage 19: Seeley Lake to Helmville, MT, 38.95 miles

  1. Eileen Bradley

    Great to hear such a good day! Long may it continue. Dad loved his card and said ‘thanks’. We celebrated the day with an excellent meal in the Hale Thai restaurant. That’s another one we owe you!. Keep it up! Much love Mum & Dad xxxxxxxxx

  2. The 3 bears motel – does that make you goldilocks and did you get porridge for breakfast, or had someone eaten it?

    • I made a similar ‘Goldilocks joke’ when we arrived but got deadpan looks; maybe it’s not really a US thing? Or they’re bored of hearing it?! Either way there was no breakfast (cheap though ok motel) so I had a blueberry muffin on route to the start of the run – hoping for ‘oatmeal’ (porridge) tomorrow!

  3. Joanna littlechild

    I see Toby beat me to a Goldilocks joke. Sounds like 2 good days. Have a good week and more cakes and cookies etc

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