Stage 20: Helmville to MacDonald Pass, MT, 42.44 miles

Another good day’s running for me, Justin’s still flying through the miles and Mike battling through his tendon problems. We had another easy route of one road for 27.5 miles and a turn left (important turn that one!) and another 15 miles down that road. Or rather ‘up’ that road as we were climbing all day to get over the mountains at MacDonald Pass. The weather was very ‘British’ and it drizzled for a good portion of the day, then we had a long period of sunshine with more cloud and further cold rain when we got up high (up to 6500ft in height today).

Start of day 20 delayed by 15 mins owing to ‘cows in the road’. The same road we were about to run down… nice new trainers not so nice now!

New anti-stupid-tan-line tactic of Garmin on shorts – bit pointless in driving rain…

We’re now a quarter through the time out here and I’m already thinking how weird it will be to not run everyday with Mike and Justin. I’m not going to miss packing and re-packing everyday though – I am simply rubbish at it so every night the motel room I’m in looks like a bomb’s exploded as I’ve been looking for something and then I get 2 mins in the morning to squish it all back in!

The scenery was stunning again, with farms and fields all around, also we ran past some enormous Haystacks and saw some wooden devices which I think were Haystack-making devices called ‘Beaverslides’, from a distance they looked like big looms so I was imagining farmers weaving hay!

I also had a media moment today – a quick interview on ‘Up All Night’ on BBC Radio 5live. They’re going to follow up and keep coming back to me for weekly updates so do listen in! The link here should give you the programme for the 19th June – I’m on about 2:45am in the morning UK time.

8 responses to “Stage 20: Helmville to MacDonald Pass, MT, 42.44 miles

  1. Well done on that quarter-way milestone! Great going.

  2. Congratulations on having made it a quarter of the way and on becoming a celebrity – does this mean you’ll get papped coming out of nightclubs and asked to be on celebrity big brother?

  3. Cheryl Turkington

    Well done on reaching day 20! 🙂 So glad we’ve not heard about any injuries in a while. I’ll try find your programme on the iPlayer, how cool to be on international radio. We have finally got some sunshine in London so I guess we sent our British weather over to you. Thinking back to our days of trying to find a decent weather forecast, the BBC weather has had a bit of a revamp – a bit more fun but I don’t know if any more accurate!

  4. Quarter way thought – good to hear you are over your earlier injury problems (we were all worried of a while). The little Jennifer dot is moving nicely along the map in the office.

  5. Joanna littlechild

    Can’t believe you’re a quarter of the way through already! Well done! Where has the time gone? Hope the rest of Montana goes ok. I don’t normally hear “up all night” so I’ll try and catch the interview later. I’ll know you are a real celebrity when I hear you on the breakfast show before I leave home in the morning.

  6. You are either totally bonkers or utterly amazing! I heard you on BBC 5 live this evening and then went onto your blog. Wow. Bee assured that i will follow your progress and be cheering you on. Truly inspiring. I am new to running, ( only done two half marathons and training for my third) and finding stories like yours makes me not only want to keep going but aspire to go further faster. Thank you. I hope that you have a great days running tomorrow and keep on going.

  7. I also heard you on Radio 5 earlier this morning and wanted to wish you well and, in particular, no more injuries. It’s very inspiring that you carried on despite that early setback and it will be even more inspiring when you reach the end of the journey…

  8. Derek and Margaret

    Re Chris yesterday. As her auntie and uncle who have known her, well, all her life, she is actually…….a bit bonkers but utterly and totally amazing. Listened to the blog today, no sign of a mid-West drawl yet, Jen. Keep it going, you sound strong.

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