Stage 21: MacDonald Pass to Townsend, MT, 41.95 miles

We started off near the top of the chilly mountain from yesterday and had a long run downhill, with the wind mainly behind and threatening clouds that came to little all day. Today was the first crewing gig for Mike’s Aunt Margaret who has flown in from San Jose to help us out. She was great – always there every 8 miles so that Justin and I could get water and re-fuel; enabling Heidi to crew for Mike – who was having a much better day and moving quite well. I was delighted to be running pretty comfortably again and finished within the same hour as Justin (me 7:56, Justin 7:10 and Mike was in under 9 – all good times!).

Running away from the threatening clouds!

Not a massive amount to say about the run – it was 42 miles on the same road with one small turn (though actually remaining on the same road!) and I believe we’re back again on the same, US-12 East, tomorrow. It’s certainly not my least favourite highway though (that’s still either MT-200 or WA-507) as it has a large shoulder and decent surface – plus the drivers pull over well, when they can.

Another good day – though not to say it’s easy! I’ve a few blisters from the last couple of days that I need to be careful with and my calves and hamstrings are tight; but ok to run slowly on and get better as they warm up. It looks like this great period of cool running weather is about to end as Montana is forecast to be up into the high 80s by Thursday; warming up tomorrow. I am not looking forward to the heat but to have managed a quarter of the trip in relatively mild temperatures is a great relief!

If you’ve made it here through my recent interview on BBC World Service – Hello! Apologies but the baking has taken a bit of a back seat recently (I usually bake for cross country matches and other running events with my club Serpentine but I’ve left my recipe books back in my kitchen in London).

6 responses to “Stage 21: MacDonald Pass to Townsend, MT, 41.95 miles

  1. Carol Beattie

    Hi Jennifer
    I listened to your 5 Live interview on iplayer last night – great stuff! It’s good to hear that you are running well again – and great that you’re finding the time/energy to do your blog – I look forward to reading your posts every morning! Keep it going…

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    Great to hear everything is going well on the running front. Not to mention the blog writing! Can’t quite believe that you’re over a quarter of the way there already.

    Though on your return you may need to fight the rest of the team for your ball. We’ve discovered the pleasure of bouncing the afternoon away and I’m am currently writing this on top of a cushion of pink Swissness.


    • What?!! You guys laugh at me for sitting on a pink ball this last 6 months then I go away and you all realise the joy of a bouncy chair! I shall be reclaiming that ball when I get back!

  3. Just went onto your website, after listening to your interview on BBC last night. WOW the best of luck to you and your crew. I live in rural upstate New York. I didn’t,t hear where you will finish your run. Heat has arrived here today, glad you are not running in this. With heat index temps will reach 100 degrees, also tomorrow before we get a cool spell. Take care of those blisters!

  4. Joanna littlechild

    Sounds like another good day. I’ll look out for more cake and baking info in the next couple of days. What is the best cake in Montana?

    • Montana is very much lacking in cake! Muffins are having to fill the gap. There will be a little more ‘baking’ in the next few days as the temperature rises and Montana gets up to 98 degrees on Sunday, eek!

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