Stage 23: White Sulphur Springs to Selkirk, MT, 42.5 miles

So we’re still in Montana. I hate to hark on about this but it’s a blummin’ big State! Today we were on the same road for 35 miles, then did a mini detour through a small (tiny) town and finished on the same road. It was a little mind-numbing. Yes Montana’s beautiful but the scenery doesn’t change much. So today I was glad to run for the whole day within about 400m of Justin, who wasn’t feeling great so kept taking walking breaks. His running and walking evened out to my slow but constant running speed! It was good to have company though he wasn’t talkative so I kept up with my little games in my head – today I was keeping a tally of dead Prairie Dogs to live; and reckoned on about 4:1.  I also played some ‘that cloud looks like…’ and ‘list all the 50 States of the US in alphabetical order’. I also thought for a bit about how amazing my siblings are – both my Sister and Brother have started and grown successful businesses (Frozen Yoghurt shops and Driveways/tarmacking respectively) through the biggest recession in living memory.

Margaret was again driving the Scooby Van superbly to meet Justin and I at regular intervals, at the mile 36 stop Justin declared he was going to keep running and walking and I had my first ‘stage win’ (not that it’s a race of course… just a run, competitive moi?!). Though as we approached the finish I was feeling pretty tired and Justin had a good spurt of energy, so I finished 2 minutes behind him! Oh well, I wouldn’t want to win from Justin’s feeling poorly anyway. He seemed better at the finish, his tummy less upset, so hopefully he’s ok for tomorrow.

This evening we went to the local store in Harlowton – yet again another great American shopping experience.

In a corner of the store… the owner’s hunting trophies. Ah Montana.

These small towns are really interesting.Then we had pizza – I had one of the best Calzones I’ve ever had – Chicken Pesto.

3 responses to “Stage 23: White Sulphur Springs to Selkirk, MT, 42.5 miles

  1. Hey Jen, good stuff, at least the monotony of running through a huge, unchanging state must beat the monotony of being at work every day?! Off for a run just now in Killarney National Park which is just behind Louise’s parents house and is beautiful – mountains, lakes and Ross castle all available for eye-feasting! set off for a 4 miler yesterday and ended up doing 7 as got lost but it was all so beautiful it didn’t matter and I thought of you and your long days of running to keep me going. Your mum and dad arrive tonight and we’ll hopefully get some sightseeing in before the big ‘do’! Isabelle says (gurgles) ‘hello and Well Done!’
    lots of love, Lucy xxx

    • You forget – I actually enjoy work! I shouldn’t be so down on Montana but it is starting to feel a little familiar every day…

      Glad you’re enjoying running and sounds gorgeous! Hope the Christening goes well – have a super time! Jxx

  2. Crikey. That shop looks like it’s out of a particularly scary film Jen! Well done lovely – I can’t really fathom that you’ve essentially just been running since I last saw you. Love all the games you’ve been playing, although slightly worried about cloud gazing vs actual balance. Hope you get a bit more scenic variety soon. (And indeed we do: it is still grey and miserable here, and that doesn’t look set to change). Sending love xx

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