Stage 24: Selkirk to Shawmut, MT, 38.5 miles

This morning we found out that the construction on US-12 East (yes the very same road, again!) meant that we were going to either have a short day at 38.5 miles or a very short day at 26.2 miles – if we couldn’t get through the construction! I was pretty stressed at the thought of doing such a short day as it would mean adding on the miles over the next 4 days; and I’d seen the weather forecast for Billings that said it was getting hotter and would be nearing 95 degrees by Sunday. The thought of doing 46 miles for several days in the hottest weather we’ve faced wasn’t appealing! Also I was running well – with hardly any leg pain/soreness and only one little blister to annoy me – so didn’t want an early finish. Funny feeling approaching 26.2 miles and hoping to be able to run another 12, but that’s how it was. Luckily when I got there Justin had already been through and the construction workers were great – so we got in the full day’s mileage. Today’s forecast heat was kept at bay by a lot of cloud cover, though I don’t think we’ll be so lucky tomorrow.

Here are some photos from the day – mainly from Heidi and Margaret, thank you again for great crewing today!

Through the construction! Glad I wore Hi-Viz top!

Start of day 23; a rolling start.

Day 22 – a typical day running through Montana, the ‘big sky’ state.

4 responses to “Stage 24: Selkirk to Shawmut, MT, 38.5 miles

  1. Eileen Bradley

    So glad you were able to do the full day’s run and it was relatively comfortable weatherwise. We’re in Killarney for Isabelle’s Christening, no chance of sunburn here! Having a lovely time with lovely people. Hope tomorrow goes well for you. Lots of love Mum xxxx

  2. How are you finding the big sky state? Was my favourite part of the states and watch out for the flatbed trucks, bears and locals! You’re doing great and I had to laugh when you said you didn’t want to only run a marathon! Keep up the good work? Ax

  3. Hi Jennifer

    So proud of your progress and glad you are feeling so good! I also laughed at the ‘only a marathon’ comment.

    Work is fine. Cheryl and I survived last week without you or Alex. It was hectic but Cheryl was great! Having good weekend and went to a lovely production of Night Garden for James’ birthday (2 next week).

    Hope things keep going so well. The pin has moved quite far!


  4. Joanna littlechild

    Just catching up on the last couple of days posts. You must be nearly through Montana now aren’t you? heard the interview as well – really good and I’ll look forward to further updates. Let us know when you interviewed again. Has there been any interest from local press as you are passing through? Sounds like things are going well which is the main thing – keep fit and healthy. Best wishes

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