Stage 26: Broadview to Billings, MT, 39.61 miles

Today it was ‘baking’! I am delighted to have survived my first over 90 degrees day, and though I’ve a sore soleus (bottom of calf muscle) I’m glad I got through today pretty ok. Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter…

Start of day 26; 1,000 miles done and we’ve stopped with the sprint starts

We’ve just had a celebration for passing 1,000 miles today!! Woohoo! Iced cookie sandwiches and eclairs were a great treat from Heidi!

In other news Justin got a little lost today but luckily he’s used to running in heat (he lives in Flagstaff, Arizona) and he’s bought a new cooler which is cavernous and he’s very pleased with it. Mike’s feeling good – though has a niggle in his hamstring – and I ran with him most of today which made it much better to have some company.

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