Stage 27: Billings to Hardin, MT, 41.5 miles

Today it was 101 degrees Fahrenheit when I finished running; after 9 hours in the heat. That’s 38 degrees Celsius. Bloody Hot. Though I coped pretty well considering it’s the hottest I’ve ever run in and I grew up in Northern England where 28 degrees Celsius is very rare, 38 unheard of.

The worst part of the day was actually not heat-related but I had a bit of a dodgy tummy this morning which meant I had a good few trips into the bushes; and there were a lot of bugs today – flying ants, wasps, flies, mossies etc. I seem to have escaped without many bites but they were annoying. We all must have looked ridiculous to passing cars – slapping our legs and heads!

I ran for much of the day with Mike, and Heidi was again great at being there for us every 4 miles with ice cold drinks, snacks and encouraging words. Plus she coped well with me running at speed towards her and shouting ‘Toilet!’ at which point she jumped to action and made way for me to use the Roadrunner’s facilities.  By the end of the run I was feeling better but a little heat-exhausted, my legs felt ok though.

The US 212 road; we’re running for the next 200+ miles…

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