Stage 28: Hardin to Busby, MT, 39.47 miles

Today started out with us saying goodbye to Margaret who’s driven Justin’s van for the last week and has been a great help. Then we headed off for a 6:45am start on what was going to be another hot day. And it certainly was! By 11am it was 92 degrees and we had a gusty wind to deal with, which at some points was like a hot hair dryer!! Because the Scooby Van was with Margaret going to the airport to pick up our next crew member Mike Melton, we had just Heidi and the Roadrunner so all three of us agreed to run/jog/walk together. It was good to chat and we pulled each other along when the heat (it was over 100 by 3pm) was sapping the energy – even of the two who are more used to it!

About mile 18 we were all clearly flagging and decided it was just getting too hot so we’d cut short the day from 44 to 39 miles; a short day! Then we can add the missed miles on to the other days this week – as the temperature looks to be falling through the week. By the end of the day I was pretty wiped out and glad of the enthusiasm of new crew member Mike who turned up as planned. On the plus side my legs feel ok, blisters had a ‘recovery’ day and I think I’m getting the hang of this heat, well to a point anyway.

I hung back as left and right debated ‘Obamacare’

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