Stage 30: nr Birney to OW Ranch, MT, 31.31 miles

A day of real highs and lows today. This morning Mike and I set off from yesterday’s finish with Mike’s friend Frank running with us, most of the route was to be on dirt road (our diversion continuing south) and the weather was forecast a little cooler (though was still around 90). Justin had started an hour and twenty minutes earlier to regain some of the miles he had to leave behind yesterday. As we got to the start Mike M was there to see us off – and he was crewing Justin and reported he had set off well. So Mike, Frank and I ran steadily for about 12 miles, expecting to see Justin catching us up at anytime. Then seeing the Scooby Van with Mike M driving, my immediate thought was ‘brilliant, Justin’s not that far behind us’ but then looking again we could see Justin was also in the van…

We stopped and Justin confirmed our worst thought – he was still suffering with a sore back but the bigger issue of possible kidney issues (he’s had tea-coloured pee for over 24 hours) had returned and he couldn’t risk permanent damage so was calling it a day. Mike and I continued on in silence for a long time, both pretty sad and a bit shocked that Justin was out. Then at the 19 mile mark Frank left us (after a very long run for him in hot weather!) and continued on in the van with Heidi to support us. Mike and I ran on; talking about how much Justin has added and brought to this trip – in particular he reminds me of my brother and he has had me in giggles more than once. His running has been outstanding and his personal contribution exceptional – whether it’s been taping up feet or crewing after finishing his own run, or just his good-natured banter – he’s been great and we’ll really miss him – though hopefully he’ll stick around for a little while longer.

So a day when we’d recovered some of the route and felt like we were back on track running again – and my legs felt great, I even managed a speedy finish as it was a short day. But then it was also a day when we went from three to two. It was also a day filled with laughter again as we all talked about colours of urine at dinner (always great to see a waitress pull a face!) and the tale of the flat tyre Mike and Justin ended up with – and why the Scooby Van now has a padlock to hold close the back doors!

Running out of the smoke-filled area

The Scooby Van – it’s been through a lot in 4 weeks!

4 responses to “Stage 30: nr Birney to OW Ranch, MT, 31.31 miles

  1. Mariah McConnaughey

    Sorry to hear about Justin! i hope he is okay. Keep on truckin’ Jen, you are amazing!

  2. Margaret Trosino

    So sorry to hear about Justin!!! I enjoyed crewing for him a lot! He was always so positive and cheerful! He will be missed! Aunt Margaret

  3. Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun despite a few setbacks. Great job running Jen!

  4. Steven 'stevels' Smith

    Kidneys why his back has been bothering him then for a while. Blood in the urine.. not good. Is he going to see a doctor? Sorry to hear he’s had to pull out.

    I must have missed a blog post. What happened to the van? Looks like vandalism.

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