Stage 31: OW Ranch, MT to Arvada, WY 40.3 miles

Goodbye Montana… Hello Wyoming! Today’s run was nearly all on dirt road and pretty hilly but I was pleased to get back to running 40 miles again. I wasn’t delighted to be running through a field of Angus Bulls at one point but I was with Mike and he managed to get us through them without them charging and without me having a full blown panic attack!

I did struggle a bit today – mainly in the morning – as I started to think about back home and what I am missing in London, and how it feels a little like I’m never going to stop this day after day running. Don’t get me wrong – I’m enjoying it  – but sometimes I long for a day of pottering around somewhere, seeing things, even sitting down watching the world go by, instead of running all day. Also the constant eating (which is necessary) is getting to me a little; I came to the US heavier than normal (about 14lbs up) as I know how bad I can be at eating when it’s hot and I have dropped most of that extra now I think so I need to make sure I’m eating when running; I’m still pretty good at eating afterwards – a cheese chicken sandwich, fries and Dairy Queen fudge cookie dough Blizzard added in the calories tonight!

There was no ‘State Line’ or ‘Welcome to Wyoming’ sign as we entered on a dirt road but we’re very much in Cowboy Country! All day I kept expecting Clint Eastwood to come over a ridge on horseback to fight some Indians; and I had the classic Western theme tune in my head!

Crew dog Daphne comes out to greet Mike and I


6 responses to “Stage 31: OW Ranch, MT to Arvada, WY 40.3 miles

  1. Go Mike and Jen! Sounds like Mike S. is ready to return to Vol State for another try 🙂

  2. Margaret Trosino

    One more state in the books! You go Jen and Mike!
    Aunt Margaret

  3. Steven 'stevels' Smith

    One of my favorite things in Wyoming was the Soux City Sarsaparilla drink they had there. I still keep an empty in my souvenirs. Maybe they still make it?
    Since you had to head away from the Black Hills then you are going to miss out on the Devil’s Tower?

  4. Steven 'stevels' Smith

    Oh, it must be great to be able to eat ice cream every day and not worry about getting fat!

  5. Joanna littlechild

    Sounds like you have had a busy few days with your detour. Keep on eating and watch out for the heat. You’ve missed the latest bit of bad weather in the uk – but it wasn’t bad in London. Best wishes for the next few days. When will you reach your next state?

  6. Be sure to stop by Arvada Bar for a cool drink.. or my husband’s shop. They would love to hear your story. I am in San Diego this week. Stay hydrated, it is very dry through there.

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