Stage 32: Arvada to Echeta, WY, 44.2 miles

Today was superb and I really enjoyed it. The weather was sunny and hot but I think I’ve acclimatised now and it didn’t bother me. The route was on a dirt road for most of the day – but a very good dirt road which had very few cars on . The scenery was awesome – real wild west country with pronghorn sheep (which are really deer) springing around the canyons, prairie dogs chirping away and views for miles around.

Look it’s those silly runners again…

Thanks to Justin for crewing – he was great, proving again that runners are only second best to ultra-wives for crewing!

Discussing crewing tactics ahead of the run

I ran with Frank (who ran 27.2 miles – impressive for a visitor!) and Mike for the first 4 miles then decided I wanted a day of running by myself and ran just a few miles ahead of them for most of the day. We all had good runs today.

Discussing what a great day we’d had at the finish – and look at that sky!

Tonight’s dinner was Mexican – I had a great burrito – but I’ve also been eating houmous and bagels this evening.

A little embarrassingly I still feel fine for all this running – have iced tonight just in case but my legs are really ok, a little tired but no aches or pains. I think they’re used to this now – but I don’t want to jinx them!

4 responses to “Stage 32: Arvada to Echeta, WY, 44.2 miles

  1. Eileen Bradley

    Great to see you are coping with the heat well and avoiding any sunburn by the looks of the pictures. Well done, Jen ! Don’t want to jinx the legs either but better get booking the flight to the US……….. xxxxx

  2. Joanna littlechild

    Sounds like a great day and great news that you are felling fit and healthy. Have a good day tomorrow.

  3. Steven 'stevels' Smith

    Your sunscreen looks to be very effective!
    It’s 105 in Saint Louis and will stay in the 100’s till Friday at least. Good thing you are running north of us but it would be nice if your route passed through the Gateway City.

  4. Don’t feel bad that you feel fine after all this running – that just means that you’re doing it right! Keep going Jen, you’re doing absolutely brilliantly.

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