Stage 35: Newcastle, WY to Custer, SD, 36.5 miles

As quick as a flash we’re out of Wyoming and into South Dakota – the ‘Mount Rushmore State’. So what better than to go and visit…

Yes rocks carved into Presidents’ heads! Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln.

For scale – they’re about the height of a London bus.

It was fun to see – and we watched a good film explaining the work that had gone into the sculpting (mainly using dynamite) and the symbolism (the ‘Shrine of Democracy’).

There’s now a smorgasbord of Samuelsons (I think that’s the correct collective noun) here to help – Mike’s parents Pat and Carl as well as son Zach arrived this afternoon so we’ve a great crew with us.

The run today was not quite as ‘easy’ as I had thought; pretty hilly with a decent amount of climb. But still 36 miles went by pretty quickly (7:20) and it was great to cross the state line into South Dakota.

Something tells me SD is pretty keen on its monument…

4 responses to “Stage 35: Newcastle, WY to Custer, SD, 36.5 miles

  1. Jennifer,
    I’m a friend of Katie and Justin and have really enjoyed following you as you run across the U.S. this summer. Thanks for taking the time to post each day. It’s been great fun to experience your adventure vicariously!

  2. Steven 'stevels' Smith

    The states get thinner and thinner eastward so maybe you’ll have a day when you cross 3?
    Teddy Roosevelt was the standing president as the monument got built so of course he got his head in there.
    Teddy refused to shoot a black bear that was tied to a tree cause it was unsportsmanlike and a newspaper cartoon of him doing being merciful to the bear was printed in the Washington Post. A toy manufacturer sent him a new stuffed bear and asked to use his name. So the Teddy Bear was born. Grown women were carrying the Teddy Bears around. It was very popular in 1903.
    They just opened a Seth McFarlane movie where he voices a talking rambunctious stuffed bear named Ted last week.
    Well… I rambled there.
    Hope you;re having a great run today.

  3. Geographic Designer

    Great post! I actually just finished designing a poster for South Dakota. Check it out!

  4. Great work Jen! You’re cracking through. And thanks Steve, that was actually really interesting. I was wondering why those 4 presidents were chosen specifically. The other 3 are a bit more obvious (to me at least with my poor grasp of American history), and now it makes sense why Roosevelt was chosen as well.

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