Stage 36: Custer to Hot Springs, SD, 40.4 miles

 Unfortunately I’ll not be seeing any fireworks as I’m in bed – usual 9pm bed time just missed but hoping to get to sleep soon! So it’s only a quick update.  Long day today; ran 5 miles of the Mickelson Trail (which is also part of the Lean Horse 100 for those who know the US 100 milers) then Mike’s hamstring was bothering him so we decided to walk. I fancied a walk anyway and it was a lovely morning in the Black Hills of South Dakota; deer and prairie dogs all around.  About mile 20 I felt a lot of itching and burning round the back of my knees and on getting to the vehicles showed Mike M and Heidi what was now a big rash developing (they made the required ouch, oooh noises). We carried on but my walking pace slowed (we were doing a steady 4 miles an hour and Mike’s hamstring was ok with that). The rash got worse and was really irritating. We finished the walk in 11 and a half hours, exhausted (both of us) and grumpy ( just me). Heidi immediately sat me on a cold wet towel and I felt a little relief, than on the way to the hotel I spoke to Justin (gone but not forgotten!) who agreed with Heidi that cortisone cream and Benedryl would be best. I’ve taken them and the itching has lessened, though the rash is now all the way up my legs and on my arms a little. It reminds me a bit of prickly heat but it wasn’t even that hot today! (mid 80s I think). Or maybe Hives? Or maybe I’m allergic to one of the plants I nominated as a ‘Ladies’ toilet, or maybe it’s something else but fingers crossed it clears up quick as it was annoying and irritating. Also hoping Mike’s hamstring is better in the morning for our 45 mile day tomorrow!

Dinner was my first buffet of the trip – with Mike M in the restaurant next to the hotel; I did well and ate lots from the salad bar as well as the meats etc; and two apple pies and ice cream went down well!



4 responses to “Stage 36: Custer to Hot Springs, SD, 40.4 miles

  1. “Ouch, oooh” noises from London, too. I hope you got a good night’s sleep, and the rash clears up very quickly. Wishing you a smooth 45-mile-day today. x

  2. Lindley Chambers

    Just caught up again, amazing Jen. hope the rash is sorted, keep up the good work.

  3. Joanna littlechild

    2 apple pies! Hope you enjoyed mt Rushmore. Hope the rash is better tomorrow. Sounds like things are going well and the next state boundary can’t be far away. Best wishes for the next couple of days

  4. Steven 'stevels' Smith

    I didn’t think poison ivy was that far west. Maybe one of the little prairie dogs punked you while you were in the bushes?

    Cortizone cream and washing off the essential oils of the plants with baby oil is what helped me when I had to deal with poison ivy as a land surveyor.
    Had to wash all the clothes too cause just a touch of that oil is enough to set an allergic person off.

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