Stage 38: Pine Ridge, SD to Gordon, NE, 39.65 miles

Yay another state line crossed! Years ago (ahem) I thought that Nebraska was near Alaska, easy mistake and shows how poor my US geography was! (it’s improving…)

Proud of their tree-planting day!

Today was a ‘steady’ day. Not too hot with lots of cloud cover but a bit humid; we plodded on and Mike’s hamstring never really bothered him too much, and my rash has cleared up. We were joined for a few miles by Mike’s brother-in-law David who’s visiting with his wife Kari. Both triathletes there were due to be in NYC this weekend but Kari suffered a stress fracture and so is in a boot, so they came to see us instead! Kari had also baked delicious brownies so they were a welcome treat!

Mike and I have now run an ultra a day for 38 days and seen a lot of dogs, some friendly, some not so friendly, but not been bitten or too concerned. Today we had two dog incidents that were close calls. First we picked up a stray dog whilst running through a small town; they seem to think it’s fun to run along… but I was really nervous and worried as the dog didn’t seem to be afraid of the cars and was nearly run over on more than one occasion. Plus the cars were swerving to avoid the dog and the runners!  Thankfully when we got to the van Mike M distracted it whilst we ran on. Then a little further along when David was running with us there were two untethered dogs that ran out of a garden with real ferocity, barking and growling. One nipped David’s running shoe and we were lucky not to have any serious issues as they then ran away.

Dinner was an Italian in Gordon (which is certainly not Flash) – I had meatballs and spaghetti and it was pretty good; following my usual post-run peanut butter on a bagel.

5 responses to “Stage 38: Pine Ridge, SD to Gordon, NE, 39.65 miles

  1. Jen and fellow runners! Huge well done and congrats on such a great achievement to date. You are all such an inspiration. I often think and talk of you (with Lucy your cousin too!) as we do our training for the lake vrynwy half in sept. Our mileage is miniscule in comparison, but when I get a niggle I shun it as it’s nothing to what you guys are enduring. We wish you lots of luck and happy trouble free runs to the end.

  2. Carol Beattie

    Hi Jennifer
    You and mike are doing brilliantly! Big cheers from Sheffield – where the ‘summer’ weather is atrocious. Keep it going – you are nearly halfway!
    Best wishes, Carol

    • Thank you! I’ve had similar reports of bad weather from my parents in South Manchester; they’re crying out for rain here though! Enjoy Recess when it finally comes and hope you have a good summer break,

  3. Joanna littlechild

    Sounds like things are going well as long as you avoid the wildlife. Wimbledon news – a gb player ( Marray) has won the men’s doubles this evening. First time a Brit has won since 1934 (?). Let’s see what Andy Murray can do in the final tomorrow. And for the americans on the team Serena Williams won this afternoon. Best wishes

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