Stage 39: Gordon to the fish post box on US 20, NE, 43.88 miles

Today started really really badly but got better. I remember looking at my clock at 5:19am and thinking ‘ah, another 11 mins til alarm’; turned over and then the next time I looked it was 6:09am!!! We were leaving for the start at 6:20am (and the start was 5 mins away) and I was supposed to call Mum and Dad at 5:45am. ARGH!!!! And then I found out my AT&T phone doesn’t work in most of Nebraska for some reason (to do with cell towers and a pay as you go phone). Great, so I started running on day 39 in a foul mood, upset that I hadn’t spoken to Mum and Dad, and with my breakfast halfway down my throat.

So we set off for 43.88 miles with no turns on US-20 and Mike told me about meeting Sean Edmunds last night after dinner. He’s crossing the US – originally running but after a stress fracture he’s been cycling and running. We were hoping to see him on the run and he caught up with us about 20 miles in. The three of us ran for the rest of the day and it was good to have new company and talk about Sean’s trip. He’s going to run with us for a few days as our routes overlap, hopefully we can crew him for some time in the morning so his wife Donna can have a lie in – and their 4 children!

Running with Mike and Sean

In the end it turned out to be a pretty good day, the miles flew by and we kept a steady pace.  It was also the coolest, cloudiest day for a while – and we even had 5 mins of light rain. Tonight we’re staying in Valentine, Nebraska which is on Central Time – so we’ve crossed a time zone again!! Now only 6 hours between me and the UK, which might be important if I could use my phone…

2 responses to “Stage 39: Gordon to the fish post box on US 20, NE, 43.88 miles

  1. Joanna littlechild

    Glad your day turned out ok. And passing another time zone must be another milestone. Andy Murray lost Wimbledon. Have a good day tomorrow.

  2. Steven 'stevels' Smith

    Yeah! You’re in our time zone now. It’s so nice to have a 90 degree day after 10 days of 100+ and maybe some rain will come through the Midwest.
    That would be bad for you but good for the brown grass.
    Cell tower coverage is supposed to be excellent along all major highways… maybe AT&T’s coverage map is a bit exaggerated?

    Do you miss the prairie dogs now?

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