Stage 41: Valentine to Ainsworth, NE, 44.86 miles

Today was tough. The last few days have been relatively easy, cooler weather and cloud have helped plus the legs have felt ok, though I’ve had a slight niggle with my back and also left hip flexor – though a couple of ibuprofen/aspirin at halfway has generally kept them at bay. Today every step felt like a big effort, but we got through it – all three of us seemed to be feeling a bit exhausted so it was good to work as a team and keep each other going.

Good thing about today was we spent it all on ‘The Cowboy Trail’ which parallels US-20 and is a decent gravel trail. It was a relief to be away from the road and not waving thanks to trucks for moving out of the way, so at least our arms got some rest! Mike’s one niggle at the moment is his left arm is slightly swollen from a repetitive strain from carrying his water bottle!

Today we said ‘bye to Mike Melton who’s crewed for 2 weeks and been a star. He’s off to run across Tennessee later this week – good luck Mike!

Start of day 41: Mike, Mike M, me, Sean

Heidi and Zach crewed today and it went well; for those longer stretches we were going to be away from roads whilst on the trail Zach cycled next to us with extra water bottles. In the heat of today it was really good to have him there!

6 responses to “Stage 41: Valentine to Ainsworth, NE, 44.86 miles

  1. Hey Jen,
    I can’t believe that you are over half way already – just absolutely amazing! I love reading your blog on the train in the morning and you’re looking lean and mean in your photos hun! 😀 Inspired by you I got my marathon running colleague to take me for a 5k run around hyde park yesterday – peanuts I know but was quite pleased with myself! Anyway, stay fit and healthy warrior girl!
    Aly xx

  2. Joanna littlechild

    Sounds like a good day but don’t get too hot. Keep on drinking. Have a good day tomorrow.

  3. Every day a step closer. Keep going. Keep running.

  4. Hi Jennifer

    This is a message from Donna and Clara – we are really proud you have made it half-way and we are really enjoying the updates.

    Wimbledon is over and it’s not long until the Olympics! Nearly recess now and I’m booking the Olympics time off, so Alex will be in charge. Cheryl is on holiday in N. Ireland this week. Clara has just started school holidays!

    I’m glad you’ve got off the big roads for a while – that really must be exhausting. Hope your niggling injuries don’t get worse…

    Donna and Clara

    • Hi Donna and Clara, thank you for your message! Such great news to read Clara’s on holiday now and you’re not far away from a well-deserved break yourself!

      All’s well here, slowly getting nearer and nearer the East coast and the weather has been fairly kind to us recently. I’m managing to continue to eat lots and making sure I top up my calories with ice-cream on a regular basis!

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