Stage 43: Stuart to O’Neill, NE, 40.05 miles

So today was pretty much the same as the last few days on The Cowboy Trail. More fields of corn or cattle to run past whilst on a fairly nice trail path following the main highway, and we were met by the vans every 3-4 miles with drinks and snacks. Today was very sunny from early on (high of about 92; I’m hardly noticing the heat unless it’s above 95!) – and we were up early! Having missed out on a haircut in Valentine, NE, Mike was determined that today was haircut day – and as we were starting right at the hotel it made sense for a 6am start, our earliest yet, and meant we finished at 2:30pm so gave Mike time to get his haircut and then we went for a Mexican dinner.

So early neither the sun nor me are awake for the start!

Mike and I running over a bridge on the trail – a rare section with no corn or cattle!

Heidi spent 38 mins on the phone to AT&T to find out why my phone STILL isn’t working – she has far more patience than I do but even she had to laugh when the customer service woman asked if ‘Iowa’ is a different state, to ‘Nebraska’. Anyway despite Heidi’s best efforts I probably don’t have cell (sic) service until Iowa (Saturday), possibly beyond… so if you want to get in touch (and it’s lovely to get updates, gossip, anything not corn and cattle-related, so please do!) then my Hotmail email or Facebook messaging is best.

I also Skyped my parents this afternoon and they’ve booked to come out and see me (as part of a big holiday) on the 10th August so that’s a great boost and I’m really looking forward to seeing them. They also told me about the weather back home being awful and I shared my worries about my crazy sock-tan-lines!

6 responses to “Stage 43: Stuart to O’Neill, NE, 40.05 miles

  1. Veronica Rivera

    Well done Jennifer, I so love reading your updates each day and cannot believe that you are already on stage 43, it’s crazy. I am off to run the Ice Trail in Val d’Isere this weekend and am feeling underprepared, but then I think of what you are doing and it makes me realise I really have nothing to worry about by comparison given what you have had to battle through! Keep moving, fingers crossed you continue to get some nice ‘easy’ running in, you are doing amazingly well. Ronnie x

  2. Graeme Connor

    Hi Jen
    Excellent stuff – middle America sounds very strange! You’ve built quite a following in Kings Court Sheffield where everyday we tune into your blog and await an update – it certainly makes us feel very lazy and we are all in awe of what you are doing!
    Keep it going (running and blogging) and best of luck.

  3. Joanna littlechild

    No need for us to worry about tan lines here in th uk. Busy day today with 4 publications out by the team. But I go on holiday tomorrow. Off to Norway for the week so I’ll see if I can still keep an eye on your progress. Looking forward to the next state. Best wishes

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